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Mi9 Retail and ThryveAI Showcase Grocery Innovations at Google Cloud’s Partner Pavilion During NRF 2021


MIAMI, FLORIDA, January 13, 2021 – Mi9 Retail, the number one vendor for tier one retailers (RIS 2021 Software LeaderBoard) that enables them to automate and optimize merchandise management and retail planning, along with its new brand, ThryveAI, which provides an industry-leading online grocery solution, today announced they are showcasing their latest innovations at Google Cloud’s Partner Pavilion during NRF’s Virtual Expo.

As a true end-to-end retail suite that empowers retailers with the tools they need to efficiently run their businesses, Mi9 Retail is constantly innovating and incorporating the latest technologies to help its loyal customer base adapt to changing trends and growing customer expectations in the industry.

Following an exhaustive business and technical evaluation of cloud technology providers, Mi9 Retail selected Google Cloud to be its partner for the development and deployment of its next generation of retail software and services. Google Cloud Platform was the only cloud partner that could cost-effectively scale to the data and processing-intensive workloads of the Mi9 demand management solutions. Mi9 continues to incorporate the latest AI and machine learning technologies from Google Cloud, which are transforming retail-specific tasks such as visual product search and enhanced AI-driven product recommendations.

In July, 2020, Mi9 launched a new digital commerce platform, ThryveAI, to better meet the needs of the grocery industry. ThryveAI has been able to offer grocery retailers the tools they need to quickly adapt to the explosive growth of online grocery shopping triggered by the pandemic. ThryveAI is one of Google Cloud’s grocery e-commerce software partners.

“ThryveAI is an API-first solution built on Google Cloud that is optimized for the specific needs of online grocery,” said Neil Moses, CEO of Mi9 Retail. “Google Cloud’s technology helped us create tremendous flexibility, scalability, and sustainability for grocery retailers that enables a profitable digital ecommerce business and fosters customer loyalty through a superior digital shopping experience.”

ThryveAI’s microservices architecture provides Grocery retailers the option of adding individual ThryveAI features to their existing e-commerce ecosystem or of adopting the entire ThryveAI platform, which includes:

  • Thryve Commerce: A complete e-commerce solution for retailers to accept, process orders and manage their digital storefront(s).
  • Thryve Fulfillment: An order orchestration and fulfillment application for grocers to increase efficiency.
  • Thryve Mobile: A full-featured mobile application that makes it easy for shoppers to order groceries for delivery or pick-up.
  • Thryve Search: A search management and merchandising tool that presents AI-powered personalized recommendations to shoppers to enhance their experience and increase basket size.

Mi9 Retail and ThryveAI will be virtually exhibiting at NRF 2021: Retail’s Big Show – Chapter 1 Virtual Event. To learn more, schedule a meeting now.

About Mi9 Retail
Mi9 Retail enables the world’s leading retailers to automate and optimize their entire Plan-to-Sell® process, from planning to managing to selling merchandise in-store, online, and on any device. Our corporate retail systems facilitate better demand forecasting, planning, and merchandise management; our point-of-purchase systems increase revenue and customer engagement; and our analytics tools speed time to insight. Mi9 cloud-based solutions incorporate the latest innovations in AI and machine learning to boost system intelligence, automate manual routines, and deliver exception-based workflows. Mi9 Retail is committed to helping retailers on their paths to success, so they can maximize revenue, increase margins, and reduce costs.

About ThryveAI
ThryveAI is an Mi9 Retail brand delivering e-commerce solutions to the world’s largest grocery retailers. ThryveAI software is modular, scalable, and intelligent, enabling retailers to deliver digital storefronts, optimized fulfillment, and personalized shopper experiences to grow their businesses profitably. The company’s mission is to help customers fulfill their potential while future-proofing their businesses so they can thryve in any economic environment. For more information, visit www.ThryveAI.com.


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