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Mi9 Retail Launches New In-Store Mobile App to Help Retailers Improve Inventory Management


MIAMI, FLORIDA March 17, 2021 – Mi9 Retail, the number one vendor for tier one retailers (RIS 2021 Software Leaderboard) that enables them to automate and optimize merchandise management and demand planning, is pleased to announce the release of its new merchandise management mobile application (MMA).

Mi9 Retail continues to make significant product investments in its flagship Merchandise Management platform to help its loyal customer base adapt to changing trends and strengthen their unified commerce strategies.

MMA is a full-featured mobile application that provides comprehensive in-store inventory management including purchasing, receiving, transfers, stock movements, stock adjustments, and more. It helps boost staff productivity by providing real-time inventory access to store managers and store associates, while establishing a single version of the truth for inventory, pricing, and location data. The native iOS/Android app gives retailers the flexibility to allow associates to “BYOD” (bring your own device), reducing hardware costs, eliminating the need for proprietary hardware devices, and expediting associate training.

In recent weeks, long-time Mi9 customers such as CNRG, Aubuchon Hardware and others have elected to upgrade to the latest version of Mi9 Merchandise Management to take advantage of its newest enhancements.

“Mi9 is committed to extending our market-leading merchandise management platform with modern, mobile capabilities that help store associates access and maintain real-time inventory levels,” said Neil Moses, Mi9 Retail CEO. “Our new mobile app makes it even easier for retailers to ensure that their retail time inventory is accurate, which is critical for every omni-channel retailer that needs the right amount of inventory in the right place to sell their customers.”

Mi9 Merchandise Management centralizes all inventory data in a single repository, which is critical to achieving accurate, real-time inventory visibility and for supporting omnichannel capabilities like endless aisle, BOPIS, curbside pickup, etc. It is a fully-integrated capability of the broader Mi9 Merchandise Optimization Platform that includes:

  • Merchandise Management: Provides a foundation for merchandise data management, planning, and inventory optimization built on a business analytics platform
  • Merchandise Financial Planning: Enables setup of strategic financial targets in a flexible, intuitive user interface that supports advanced demand forecasting, multiple plan types, scenario planning, and version control
  • Assortment Planning: Create customer-centric, localized assortments based on industry best practices that deliver on the targets set out in the merchandise financial plan
  • Allocation: Create demand-based, forward-looking strategic plans to effectively manage products, while adapting to shifts and adjusting allocations in real-time
  • Demand Forecasting & Replenishment: Automated sales forecasting and inventory optimization supported by advanced machine learning algorithms, accounting for seasonality, causal events, and shifts in trend
  • Promotion Management, Price & Markdown: Manage product lifecycle pricing from initial price setup through in-season promotions and end-of life price markdowns, while evaluating financial impact and reacting quickly to market conditions

About Mi9 Retail
Mi9 Retail enables the world’s leading retailers to automate and optimize their entire Plan-to-Sell® process, from planning to managing to selling merchandise in-store, online, and on any device. Our corporate retail systems facilitate better demand forecasting, planning, and merchandise management; our point-of-purchase systems increase revenue and customer engagement; and our analytics tools speed time to insight. Mi9 cloud-based solutions incorporate the latest innovations in AI and machine learning to boost system intelligence, automate manual routines, and deliver exception-based workflows. Mi9 Retail is committed to helping retailers on their paths to success, so they can maximize revenue, increase margins, and reduce costs.


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