IMG 2779 300x225 - Mi9 Vice President of Europe Retires After 20 Years

Today marks the bittersweet close of one chapter and the start of new beginnings for one of our longest-term employees, Jean-François Codron, Mi9 Retail Vice President of Europe, who is retiring after a successful 33-year career in the retail technology space. Throughout his 20 years at Mi9 Retail, he made significant contributions across the European market that will undoubtedly have a long-lasting impact on our organization, our team members, and the many retail clients he forged deep relationships with along the way. We are so grateful for the leadership, hard work, and dedication he demonstrated day in and day out.

As the Vice President of Europe, Jean-François has led the expansion of the international business across EMEA and APAC, collaborating closely with our local team members and strategic partners. He is recognized by his colleagues for his loyal commitment to our retail customers, his passion for the retail industry, and his charismatic personality. He possesses a superhero-like ability to build long-lasting relationships – a true connector.

Though he will be missed by all, we are confidently passing the baton to his colleague and friend, Olivier Du Couedic, who has worked closely with Jean-François over the past 8 years at Mi9 Retail. As General Manager, he has big shoes to fill, and we have no doubt he will leave a legacy as big and bold as his predecessor.