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CBD Skincare – Can CBD be absorbed via the skin? – Dr Watson CBD


CBD oil to skincare


CBD oil online has been one of the winners of lockdown as coronavirus first began, with many using it as a form to try and maintain some calm and balance during lockdown in a time of much added stress. One key symptom of stress can be a breakout, rash or skin condition that can be very irritable or sometimes painful to deal with. In more recent times CBD skincare or CBD topical creams have become popular as a way of moisturizing and supporting skin. But what effect could CBD have on skin?


Can CBD be absorbed via skin?


There are numerous ways of getting CBD into your bloodstream, similar to CBD Vape or CBD oil. CBD Skincare products also have the option with transdermal delivery of while offering a different edge. Similarly, to many areas of the human body, the skin contains cannabinoid receptors. The endocannabinoid system in the body plays a large part in maintaining and regulating everyday functions.


If a CBD Skincare product is topical, this will mean products such as Body Lotions, Face Creams, Muscle Balms, anything that is designed to be used on skin. CBD is effective on the skin as CBD goes through the layers of skin into the the blood stream. Topical products do not simply just go into the skin as any old lotion with CBD in it, many products require adjuvants (ingredients that increase efficacy of a product) to ensure the CBD penetrates the layer of skin. This gives us an indication that with some work – CBD can be absorbed via the skin.


CBD and the interaction with skin


Ongoing studies have been taking place for years of the effects of CBD on dermatological issues. One such example found in the journal of dermatological science looked at the effects of this family of molecules against conditions that are often associated with red & flaky skin. Study can be found here.


Studies found a connection between CBD and inhibition of keratinocyte production and to restore a more natural balance to the skin. Keratinocyte overload is the compound found that is linked to red & flaky skin. While none of these theories are scientifically proven – studies are ongoing.




While people Shop for CBD oil online most regularly, as CBD becomes more popular and the CBD community grows, many people look for different methods of application. So, can CBD be absorbed by the skin? Yes, and in fact it seems the addition of CBD skincare, CBD serums, CBD and hyaluronic acid and other combinations actually enhance your skincare routine rejuvenating and revitalising your skin.

While there have not been many extensive studies on the subject, it is thought that using CBD topicals could be a method of using CBD without having to inhale or ingest. While potentially this administration of topicals could still have similar benefits as if you were using CBD vape or CBD oils. This method of administration resembles the pathway of sublingual ingestion.


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