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Games, Quarantine and Childhood…


Fun family board game Scrabble to avoid computers | ✅ Marco ...

The world is facing a disaster these days and almost everyone is stuck at their homes. Major events are cancelled including Olympics. So, in times like this which sport or game will help you to escape boredom?
Well its an era of smartphones and it pretty much helps you in killing time but back in my childhood these things were not that easily accessible and we were bound to play either outdoor games or incase of rain, some board and card games.
In this current situation, when everyone gets bored by constantly following the same routine everyday and even get tired by using the smartphones, i guess its perfect to start playing those games and bring back the old childhood memories.
Here is the list of some games you can play with your family at home:

  1. Scrabble 
  2. Monopoly 
  3. Battleship
  4. UNO
  5. Catan
  6. Ludo
  7. Chess
    and many others.

I believe that it is the perfect time to refresh all those memories and tell your kids about those amazing times, also they must know how to play these games in case we have another pandemic on the way.

Well, who knows…


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