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PSG is the winner of Ligue 1, what about La Liga?


Paris Saint-Germain’s enjoy the title of Ligue 1 this season without usual celebrations due to Covid-19 instead, there was just a formal announcement from the board and just some muted reaction on social media that provided another example of how badly corona virus affect one of the most popular game football.

Right after two days when government announced that the league had to be canceled because of the pandemic.

PSG Officially crowned Ligue 1 title as the PSG were leading the table with 12 points and the another reason behind this is to put focus of teams on UEFA champions league.

Since the decision from Ligue 1 executives is made, fans from La Liga also asking the management to declare winner for this season. if we look at the table FC Barcelona is clearly leading the table with equally matched played among teams.

FC Barcelona leading the table with 58 points and arch rival Real Madrid is next to FC Barcelona with 56 points.

Fans supporting around the globe asking the top management to declare Barcelona winner of La Liga this year in the light of following the same formula used by Ligue 1.

There are 12 match days left and Real Madrid and Barcelona will play six home matches and six away matches if the league resume .

now it is up to the management what decision they will made for teams in order to put there focus on UEFA Champions League.


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