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bitchy | Prince William & Duchess Kate criticized for their poverty tourism this week


On successive days, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for solo events which could be considered “poverty tourism” by some. On Wednesday, Kate made an appearance at a baby bank, a charity which provides diapers and baby necessities to low-income parents. I took the appearance mildly, because I’m so used to Kate’s dumbf–k “events” where the only real mission is “make Kate appear like a credible Early Years expert as she jazz hands her way through a photoshoot with children.” That’s how low the bar is for Kate – I was like “maybe she’ll draw attention and donations will go up.” The Scottish paper The National had a different take:

People across the UK are struggling to afford even the costs of living amid Brexit, inflation, energy spikes, and the price of having a crooked Tory government in charge. Some of those suffering through hardship have had to turn to food banks to stock up on the necessities. Others might turn to baby banks for help dealing with the often exorbitant costs involved with raising a child.

You might think then, that a baby bank is hardly the place for an all-smiles photoshoot with one of the most privileged people on the planet. You might think that.

Showing that even being royal doesn’t guarantee class, the Countess of Strathearn went to north London on Wednesday. While there, reports say she “helped a mother pick out items”. She then knelt down to greet two young children sitting in a buggy.

“You forget how tiny they are!” Kate said: “I remember those days.” She added: “It’s a busy time, but so wonderful.”

Absolutely wonderfully busy. We’re sure that’s how the young mothers who visit the baby bank feel as well.

Kate then posed for a photograph (or 56) before chatting to celebrity hairstylist John Frieda. Who else? The whole visit was an exercise in vulgarity – but while Tories who smile and pose at food banks get rightfully called out, Kate’s media coverage has been predictably fawning.

[From The National]

I mean… they’re not wrong. It IS vulgar. Especially coming on the heels of a £28 million Jubbly celebration which no one wanted. And Kate truly isn’t good at being “deep.” I’ll say one thing in Kate’s defense though – it was a baby bank, not a funeral. I’d rather see her smile at a charity appearance than try to cosplay some hyper-intellectual Debbie Downer. But there’s surely a middle ground and Kate can’t find it with both hands and a map.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Prince William pretended to be a normal bloke as he keenly posed in a red vest and hat and “sold” copies of The Big Issue, which benefit unhoused people. The Daily Beast’s headline was “Prince William—Who Has 3 Houses—Cosplays as Homeless Man for Charity.” It’s true. William and Kate have Kensington Palace Apartment 1 (a mansion within a palace), Anmer Hall (a mansion) and Tam-Na-Ghar, a “cottage” on the Balmoral estate. They are also begging for a royal home on the Windsor Castle estate, which would be their fourth home. Making matters worse, William’s thing was so obviously an awkward stunt, complete with “regular people” regurgitating a Kensington Palace script. It was uncomfortable. So what is with Bill and Buttons’ poverty tourism these days?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Earthshot screencaps.


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