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  1. Can you use CBD Oil for Anxiety, Sleep Or Pain?

It’s hard to browse the web without seeing headlines about CBD oil and supplements and how it helped person X and Person Y help ailment Z. It is publicised as a wonder plant that has beneficial properties, but ultimately most of what is written about is hearsay and anecdotes from individuals that are reported on. However, given how little actual scientific research has gone into the medical benefits of hemp – are claims that CBD for Anxiety, CBD oil for Sleep or pain backed by science, research, and clinical trials?

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What Do UK Regulatory Bodies Say? 

UK regulatory bodies have actually restricted any CBD or Hemp companies/brands from making any such health claims. So even though CBD oil for anxiety is one of the most commonly searched terms on google, no brand is actually allowed to advertise or market as such. So this applies to all other common search terms that relate to health issues, such as CBD oil for sleep and pain.



I’ve seen many companies that do make these claims. Should I trust them?

Even though CBD brands are not legally allowed to make these claims, when you scour the web you can find many companies that do say such things about their products – that their CBD can be used to help anxiety etc. This usually says one of two things: that they have a disregard for the law set by MHRA, or that they are ignorant of these regulations set. Either way it might suggest a lack of professionalism by certain brands and in turn are not to be trusted.

The only way your product can be considered a “medical product” is if it is authorised a marketing license to your company. In order to get this, a company must meet many certain criteria in order to make health and medical claims, this will typically be granted by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.


But aren’t there already medical products available for prescription?

Yes, which can appear as a contradiction to the rules given by the MHRA. However, these medicinal products that contain CBD are products that have an authorised license that have gone through rigorous testing and are produced by pharmaceutical companies for a specific purpose. These can only be obtained through prescription from a specialist doctor. And these specific prescriptions are not intended as CBD for Anxiety. Whereas the majority of CBD products are considered general wellness product & supplements. 

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 2. CBD for pets: is it allowed?

Another one of the most common search phrases is “CBD for Dogs” or “CBD for pets”. Although walking down your high street you can find products that are labelled as CBD for your pets, these products are not legal in the UK or US currently, and likely won’t last on shelves for too long. This won’t stop people buying CBD oil online or in store and using it for their pets, but as things stand the MHRA or FDA have not approved any particular medicine for pets so far.

Many people have a ‘sense’ or have a feeling when their dog is nervous, something that one can find about people with pets, is that many will go to almost any length, buying all sorts of foods, toys, and supplements for them


  1. Are there any side effects of CBD supplements?

 The General Consensus is that CBD supplements safe to take for nearly everyone, otherwise it likely would not be allowed to be sold on shelves in any capacity without some sort of prescription. There have been no reported cases on any serious injury involving CBD products – However research has shown there could be some slightly more precarious effects if taken in doses that are too high. 

 While a lot of people use CBD, only a few have reported small effects such as a dry mouth and these occasions are few and far between. It often depends on the brand of oil being used as each may have differing effects on individual. If you are looking at using CBD and currently are taking any medication, it is always best to consult your GP before simultaneously doing so.

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Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

With the publicity that more often than not associates CBD with benefits to various ailments, it is easy to forget that like with most things, too much of anything can have its adverse effects. Due to the constant feed of articles relating to benefits CBD, it has prompted the searches for CBD oil for anxiety, sleep or for dogs to spike over the last year. 

Research and education is key to progressing the views and knowledge of what hemp extract could potentially work in humans. It is important to mention that while CBD does have a few side effects, they are mild and infrequent and no genuinely serious side effects have been noted or recorded in humans to date.

For those that could be concerned about using CBD, here is a comforting stat to ease your worries – A recent study suggested some 14% of Americans use some form of CBD products. This comes close to 46 million people that comfortably use CBD in the US alone. The general consensus is – there is more to be gained from using CBD than lost.


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