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What is Nasal Spray?


Nasal spray is a product that can be bought over the counter at most regular pharmacies that is used to clear up any breathing difficulties that one might encounter due to being sick, having hay fever, or having a common cold to name just a few options. Buying CBD oil online has become very popular over the past few years. But why buy CBD Nasal spray online? While it is definitely a very unique product – Would it work any different to a regular nasal spray? We here at Dr Watson have seen a some CBD nasal sprays available and decided to dig into them deeper.


Why add CBD to it?


CBD has been used by consumers for any number of reasons that in general are there to support some form of lifestyle improvement; From supporting calm to a restful night. With the most common method of taking CBD coming in an oral tincture (ingestion and slower longer effect) or vaping CBD (thought to have quicker intake but shorter effect). CBD Nasal Spray is thought to have similar effect to vaping as it would have direct access to the capillaries via the nasal passage. It is unclear whether adding CBD to Nasal spready would have any additional effect on ability to breathe or not.


Potential Benefits to it?


As mentioned in the paragraph above. It is not clear whether CBD itself would help support the initial intention of a nasal spray of clearing out your breathing passages. Though it may just be added for the general reasons of supporting lifestyle on top of having a nice clear nasal passage to breathe through.


The down sides CBD Nasal Spray


One of the issues with Nasal Spray in general is that if it gets overused – it is reported that it can actually cause Nasal blockages to get worse. On top of this most over the counter nasal sprays are not designed to be used for more than 3-4 days at a time due it its potentially addictive properties. You can often view the side effects of most standard nasal products like Sudafed or Afrins.


Considering that most people use CBD daily for general day to day support, CBD nasal spray does not entirely make sense for that. if there are cross over ingredients that are used in medicinal nasal spray it would not be recommended to use on an ongoing basis.


Is it really worth it?


While the concept of CBD Nasal spray is innovative and in theory provides a quick access into the users bloodstream, it does not entirely make sense to use on an on-going basis comparatively to products such as CBD tincture oils where the only two ingredients are often hemp extract and MCT oil or hemp seed oil, or items like CBD Gummies or CBD chocolates. Using nose spray on an ongoing basis is not good for anyone. So the general verdict for us  here at Dr Watson – would be a pass. These are two items that are simply better off being kept separate J.


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