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bitchy | Royal commentators: Prince Harry must be ‘haunted’ by what he’s given up



Everyone predicted/knew that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s presence at the Jubbly would keep the British tabloids in stories and narratives for months. The British media’s overreaction to all things Sussex is one of the reasons why, I believe, Harry and Meghan only stayed for four days and only made one genuinely public appearance during their trip. They severely limited the number of photos the media got and they severely limited the narratives. But what if those limitations are the story now? So it is with the unhinged royal commentators. True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat did a roundtable discussion in which the conversation was solely about Harry and Meghan at the Jubbly, and how everyone ignored them (except the media and the world) and how Harry must be so mad about how his family treated him.

Prince Harry ‘must have gone home feeling very depressed for what he has given up’ after he and Meghan Markle decided not to be more visible in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations because ‘they did not have centre stage seats’, royal experts have claimed.

Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat that the couple weren’t at other celebrations because ‘they did not have centre stage seats’.

Meanwhile, historian Hugo Vickers added: ‘Harry has given up being Captain of the Royal Marines, who were out in force. I think he must have gone home feeling very depressed for what he has given up.’

Katie said: ‘I honestly think it’s [because]… they knew that they wouldn’t be in that front row. And why did they leave the Royal Family? They left because they weren’t in the front row. I believe that’s why they weren’t at the other celebrations as they did not have centre stage seats.’

Elsewhere, royal biographer and journalist Duncan Larcombe said the Platinum Jubilee celebrations will haunt Prince Harry for the rest of his life. He said: ‘Those four days will haunt Prince Harry for the rest of his life. They [The Duke and Duchess of Sussex] were relegated to sitting behind the Duke of Gloucester [at the Thanksgiving service]. They didn’t take part in any way, shape or form visibly at the Trooping of the Colour… [Harry] will be fuming about the way he and his family were treated – if it was Prince William and the Royal Family who said, “you’re not coming to the royal box”, whilst other minor non-working Royals were at those events.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Sigh… this sh-t is nothing new. These people – the royals and the sycophantic royal media – have been obsessed with “punishing” Harry and then spinning out stories about how hurt he must be that they’re punishing him. THAT is why the Sussexes left, among other reasons. It’s not that “they weren’t in the front row.” They left because they’re tired of dealing with the most petty, manipulative, punitive a–holes in the world. Personally, I believe there was A LOT more going on behind-the-scenes as Buckingham Palace aides organized the church service a week. I genuinely believe that both Harry and William requested that they be kept apart, and that there was a lot of different stuff happening behind the scenes with Charles. I believe Harry and Meghan both told the Queen that they would come to the Jubbly but only do one or two events, and nothing super-public too. Anyway… so glad that the Sussex fam is back home and safe in California and far away from these jackasses.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.


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