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bitchy | Queen of pie charts! Duchess Kate had a private meeting with a pollster


The royal rota is obsessed with “polling.” There are constant weekly polls done about the British public’s feelings about the royal family and specific royals. I have always had big questions about the methodology of most of the polls which royal reporters cite. When you look closely, the sample size is like “we polled 100 people coming out of the grocery store” or “we called up every Tory pensioner and asked them their opinions.” The data often looks grossly manipulated. Nevermind the fact of: why in hell are British polling firms still constantly doing polling on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s popularity? Harry and Meghan live in Montecito, California. Who cares if they’re “not polling well” in the UK? I’m really asking.

Anyway, the Duchess of Cambridge loves flawed methodology. She loves random questions and bullsh-t surveys and questionable data. If the Five Big Questions fiasco taught us anything, it’s that Kate will jam any data she gets into a nonsensical pie chart. So obviously, she had a private meeting with a polling firm this week.

Kate and Prince William recently took part in the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee across the UK. The Duke and Duchess were said to have received the biggest cheer from the crowd out of all the Royal Family members during Friday’s service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. And it appears Catherine is seeking to cement this positive sentiment after it emerged the future Queen Consort was holding “private talks” with a leading opinion pollster.

The meeting between Kate and Kelly Beaver, chief executive of the polling organisation Ipsos, is said to have taken place at Kensington Palace on Tuesday. Although a Kensington Palace spokesman did not comment on what was discussed the Duchess may be aware her popularity over the past year has exploded to a net favourability rating of +55, reports the Daily Mail.

It comes as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s popularity has plummeted in the UK. According to a YouGov poll, conducted with 1,692 adults in the UK in May, the Duchess of Sussex is “disliked” by 49 percent of those surveyed and “liked” by 24 percent. Meghan is seen as “famous” by 95 percent of people and 22 percent have a “neutral” opinion of her. Meanwhile, Harry is seen as “famous” by 95 percent but “disliked” by 43 percent, with 23 percent expressing a “neutral” view.

The most popular royal, according to the poll, is the Queen, with eight in ten Britons (81 percent) holding a positive opinion of her, versus the 12 percent who see her negatively. After the Queen, the next most popular royal is Prince William, followed by his wife Kate.

[From The Daily Express]

First of all, I genuinely hope that Kate showed Kelly Beaver her sad pie charts. Kelly Beaver better have a good poker face. “Oh, how interesting, what clever pie charts and bar graphs, your royal highness.” Now, why would Kate meet a pollster? Is she trying to manipulate some data or some future poll? I have no idea. Here in America, politicians and political candidates hire pollsters to check the temperature of their constituencies on the political issues of the day. Perhaps Kate wants a poll done just for herself. “Should I wear more buttons? Should I wear more hairpieces?”

PS… Something which was kind of funny is that just before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex flew into the UK last week, the Independent released the results of their royal poll, taken of their readership. Harry and Meghan are the most popular royals according to the Independent’s readers. LOL.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar and KP’s social media.


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