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Premier league doctors not happy with football resumption as fear of players contracting coronavirus


Football has been suspended since March and different plans are being discussed how the came is to be restarted and when. It is most likely that “Project Restart” will be adopted, where games are to be played in neutral grounds by June.

But the medics are showing their concerns and penned a letter to the Premier Leagues medical advisors.

Some of the issues raised in the 100-point letter were 

  • · Threat of death
  • · Liability of the medics in case a player contracts coronavirus
  • · Testing of the players
  • · Transmission of the virus through sweat
  • · Transmission of the virus through the goalkeeper’s gloves
  • · Increase risk to the minority groups
  • · Increase risk to employees
  • · Emergency personals to be able to attend the training grounds

Premier league medics were invited and asked to mention their concerns regarding the return of the game.
Most of the clubs have started their training as they wait for the restart date which was originally June 12th. But as teams wanted 4 weeks of training to get form and fitness back of the players, it seems the dates for the restart could be changed.

However, other leagues around Europe like the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 are training.


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