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bitchy | Justin & Hailey Bieber were turned away from NYC hotspot Carbone


When you’re a fancy, elite Manhattan restaurant, what kind of publicity is best? “Big celebrity comes to eat at fancy restaurant” or “Big celebrity turned away from fancy restaurant”? I think it might be the latter. Carbone is an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village and Justin Bieber and Hailey thought they could just stop by without a reservation and somehow get a table. They were turned away! How does a restaurant – in this economy! – justify turning away celebrities like Justin and Hailey? I guess Carbone’s management justifies it because they dropped a tip to gossip outlets and so now they’re getting publicity for being exclusive and hard-to-get-into.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how famous you are when it comes to taking a bite out of the Big Apple. This proved true for Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber over the weekend, when they were turned away from a famous dining hot spot in New York City. A source tells ET that Hailey and Justin were treated like anyone else would be when they tried to get into the restaurant Carbone without a reservation.

“Hailey and Justin love being in New York,” says the source. “They love hitting up restaurants and shopping.”

However, their somewhat humbling experience came when they tried to get into the exclusive Italian restaurant after Justin’s concert at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Friday — but were politely turned away.

“They tried to get into Carbone,” says the source, “but they got denied.”

They didn’t let that put a damper on their dinner plans though. The source tells ET that the couple went to nearby Cipriani Socialista instead, and had a great time. The two were spotted entering the establishment. Justin wore a head-to-toe orange outfit, while Hailey wore hip-hugger pants and a white crop-top. The pair also managed to spend a little time together the following day. Another source tells ET that the couple snuck in a private outing Saturday morning around 10 a.m.

“They went for an early brunch date, just the two of them, at Cafe Mogador in NYC the morning after the concert,” the source says. “Justin is in NYC for work and there’s always a ton of people around, so they really soak up every moment they can when it’s just the two of them.”

“When they were alone at brunch they were packing on the PDA! They were super lovey-dovey!” adds the source, who says that the date was a quick one. The two were only there for 30 minutes before they had to rush off to other commitments.

[From ET]

I looked up Carbone’s menu (I love doing this, for research purposes) and they charge $20 for a bowl of Minestrone! $25 for a Caesar salad! $40 for a pork chop! Crazy prices. But actually not as excessive as I was thinking. Let me look up Cipiriani’s menu…not as pricey, but still overpriced. Anyway, it doesn’t sound like Justin and Hailey were trying to throw their weight around at Cabrone, they were just told no and they left and went to Cipriani. I imagine it is really fun for them to just go out and visit hot spots and money is no object. Sounds nice.

Justin was really dressed like a traffic cone that night.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.


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