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bitchy | Consigliere Keen! Duchess Kate is Prince William’s ‘most trusted advisor’


Robert Jobson’s book, William at 40, is obviously timed for Prince William’s 40th birthday. A landmark birthday book celebrating an incandescent, jealous, unfaithful man. What’s interesting is that the early excerpts of Jobson’s book sound… interesting. I’m sure Jobson will dutifully polish the turd at the end of the day, but Jobson has already gotten some jabs in, saying flat-out that William is “volatile” and “off-hand,” that he lacks deference towards his father and grandmother, that he’s an arrogant little sh-t, basically. As it turns out, Jobson has some fascinating things to say about William and Kate’s marriage too.

Linchpin Keen: Kate Middleton has helped Prince William become “more relatable” and is his “most trusted adviser,” a royal biographer has claimed. Speaking of how the mother-of-three stepped up to royal duties during the Covid-19 pandemic, Jobson writes: “As crisis followed crisis, smiling Catherine hasn’t put a foot wrong.” He goes on to explain how as the nation was forced into lockdown, the Duchess took on extra engagements and made public appearances virtually – and also publicly, as soon as they were allowed.

Duty first: “With Catherine at his side, the prince seems more assured, their chemistry clear for all to see. Every step of the way, Catherine has put duty first.”

El Tigre: And according to the royal commentator, beneath Kate’s “soft smile,” there’s “a tigress, passionate about her husband and a modern woman who will fight tooth and nail for her family… Her influence over William, whose presentation in the past used to be somewhat stiff and a little nervy, has helped him become more relatable, to be more himself. His sense of humour and warmth is now visible.”

Keen details: Jobson adds that Kate “never wants to let the side down” and always “pays close attention to detail.”

Consigliere Kate: “Not only is she William’s most trusted adviser, she is someone who puts family and duty above all else.”

Bland Kate: “She can play bland with high-street fashions when it suits her. But when the moment is right, she knows exactly how to steal the show.”

[From The Sun]

Kate will “fight tooth and nail for her family” – who is she fighting? Is she fighting to stay in the marriage when William has largely checked out? And no, Consigliere Keen is not a thing. William has made it abundantly clear for years that he’s fine with Kate, Kate raises the children, Kate is tolerable. But she isn’t his advisor, let’s be clear. And lol, Kate “can play bland.” I love it when commentators try to make Kate’s buttons and old-lady coatdresses sound like they’re some high-minded intentional effort, that Kate genuinely wants to look bland.

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