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bitchy | Telegraph: The Cambridges ‘loved’ all of the photos of their kids during the Jubbly


Over the weekend, Camilla Tominey wrote a piece in the Telegraph which was just a full briefing from Kensington Palace. It was like Tominey just published an email she got from KP’s communications office. The piece was called “The Jubilee has shown that the Cambridges are the monarchy’s future,” and the main argument is that the Cambridge children are the future of the monarchy and the institution is in safe hands because George, Charlotte and Louis “loved” being out in public, doing events like working royals. Nevermind that Charlotte and George mostly looked uncomfortable, or that Louis showed the world that his mom is not actually a credible Early Years expert. Some highlights from this Telegraph article:

The kids are front-and-center: Central to this progressive presentation of modern monarchy have been the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children, eight-year-old Prince George, Princess Charlotte, seven, and four-year-old Prince Louis, the undisputed star of the Buckingham Palace balcony and the Pageant Royal Box. Had the Duke and Duchess of Sussex not stepped down from public duties in March 2020, they and their children Archie, aged three, and one-year-old Lilibet, would have shared the spotlight with the Cambridges.

The Cambridges are taking credit for the Sussexes’ lack of prominence: It is not a coincidence that there has been no interaction whatsoever between the once close royal brothers this weekend. The Sussexes’ outspoken Oprah Winfrey interview, in which they accused the Royals of racism, is still perceived to have crossed a line – not least when there has still been no acknowledgement of the hurt it caused, let alone an apology. As one aide put it at the start of the four-day festivities: “The media might try to make them prominent, but in reality they are not going to be playing a prominent role. A line has been drawn.”

The Queen wants the Cambridge family front-and-center: Conversely, the Cambridges could not have been more conspicuous – a deliberate development that has been designed not just by Kensington Palace but also with the 96-year-old monarch’s careful oversight.

The kids enjoyed it? “The children have been having a great weekend,” said a royal source. “They were really enjoying themselves, so they went to the concert because it was clear they wanted to. They take those calls at the last minute because they don’t want to ramp up a hype and not be able to deliver on it. Everyone knows what kids are like – they might suddenly decide they don’t want to go to stuff – but they have thoroughly enjoyed this weekend.”

The Cambridges love Louis’s antics: According to an insider who knows the couple well, they will have “loved” the front page images of their youngest stealing the show by covering his ears during the flypast. “It wasn’t as if he was being naughty or anything. They were just kids being kids. Of course, as parents they love to see all the photographs the next day. It would be different if they didn’t enjoy it, but what they are trying to do is slowly acclimatise the children to the life they are going to lead. It’s a careful balance – they want to get them used to that world but not make it too intense or make them feel like they’re different.”

The Cambridge fam’s summer off: The family will once again be in the spotlight when William turns 40 on June 21, before taking a lower profile for the rest of the summer.

[From The Telegraph]

Ah, so they’ll do another big push with the kids for William’s birthday. I’m surprised, honestly. Maybe that will change though, I can’t imagine William wants his 40th birthday spotlight to be dimmed by his wife and children. No, all of the birthday propaganda is going to be about how Steely Incandescent Baldemort is a man of action, he’s an elegant, normal man with a lot of power, and yes, he hates his brother but he’s completely justified, he promises.

As for the stuff about the kids… the way KP is insisting that the kids “loved” doing all of those public events makes me think that, as always, the opposite is true.

Photos courtesy of Instar, Avalon Red, Backgrid.


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