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bitchy | It was ‘simply a coincidence’ that the Cambridges didn’t go to Lilibet’s b-day party


The royal commentators are having a tough time complaining and explaining these days. They so obviously want to blame everything “bad” on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to the point where they have problems admitting what’s right before their eyes. Buckingham Palace and Clarence House aides took particular pains to keep Prince Harry and Prince William away from each other completely. They were only in the same room together for the length of a church service and they completely avoided speaking to each other or even looking at each other. My educated guess is that was done at both William and Harry’s separate requests. It’s been more than clear for years that there was a significant falling out between the brothers long before the Sussexit. But now that the Sussexes’ brief visit is over, it’s time for the Salty People to attempt to pour sugar over everything:

Prince William, Kate Middleton and other members of the royal family were all traveling on the day Lilibet was celebrating her first birthday at home, but it wasn’t to avoid it.

A source tells ET, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and other members of the royal family that included Duchess Sophie and Prince Edward all traveled to different parts of the UK to visit those who are celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. The source is adamant the events were not planned to avoid Lilibet’s birthday at home.

“It’s simply a coincidence they fell on the same day,” the source said. “There was no intended slight.”

[From ET]

It wasn’t a coincidence. Soon after the Sussexes confirmed their trip to the UK, the palace announced that the Cambridges would be sent to Wales during the Jubbly. Everyone knew that the trip to Wales would be timed specifically for Lili’s birthday. My guess is still that Harry and Meghan didn’t even extend an invitation to William and Kate for Lili’s birthday too. Which made it easy for all involved. Honestly, why is it so hard for royal commentators to simply admit that Harry and William’s falling out is severe and they’re not making peace any time soon, possibly ever? That palace aides had to go out of their way to orchestrate events to ensure that William and Harry didn’t speak to one another. Just admit that.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.


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