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bitchy | Duchess Kate wore trousers & a Zara blazer to visit a London baby bank


The Duchess of Cambridge made it through the Platinum Jubbly without slathering herself in buttons, remarkably. I’m always wary of declaring this a “brand new Kate” with some kind of newly “clean” style, because Kate tends to backslide straight into buttons all the time. These are photos of Kate walking into her event today. I honestly love her entire outfit? The white shell or blouse is great. The trousers are great. The Zara blazer is fine, although I’ll be nitpicky and say that the shoulder pads are way too big for Kate. She can still get the “line” she wants on a blazer like this without giant shoulder pads. All in all though, I really like this look, no shade.

The event was Kate visiting Little Village’s hub in Brent. Little Village is a baby bank, and she’s visited baby banks before. Little Village hands out baby supplies, diapers, formula and the like to parents in need. She met with volunteers and highlight their work. As I said the last time she visited a baby bank, she should do these kinds of events all the time. Highlighting specific charities which are doing work on the ground with low-income families. This is more beneficial than Kate pretending to be a childhood neurology expert.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.


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