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What Does CBD Oil taste like? – Dr Watson CBD


How does CBD oil interact with the body? Is CBD oil legal? What potential therapeutic benefits does CBD oil have? All of these are essential questions when it comes to buying CBD oil online for the first time, but there is another one that is often overlooked—what does CBD oil taste like? To find out what you can expect from each of our CBD oil varieties, keep reading. 

With a huge variety of CBD oil products now on the market in the UK, understanding the taste of each is essential! The good news is, CBD oil does not taste terrible; it is, however, described as an “acquired taste”. Moreover, the taste of CBD oil varies depending on which carrier oil it has been mixed with, and is harder to stomach if all the impurities haven’t been removed.


So, what does CBD oil taste like?


The taste of CBD oil is difficult as it is generally very subjective, but is often described as “earthy”, “grassy” or “nutty”. Remember, CBD oil is extracted from hemp, and full spectrum formulas retain essential terpenes and flavonoids—what we call “organic flavours”.

The specific type of CBD oil is an excellent place to start when defining taste. While full spectrum CBD oils retain more of the organic flavours, isolates are far less distinct. The lack of additional compounds means that CBD isolate can be mixed with natural flavourings without overpowering the taste buds. The improved taste does, however, come at the expense of the therapeutic benefit provided by the entourage effect.

The general consensus is that the rawer darker crude hemp CBD oil extracts have a rather unpalatable taste. Blacker CBD oils have a much earthier, bitter, and lingering taste.

Due to the distillation process that is involved with making the lighter-coloured CBD oils, it creates a much lighter flavour which often contains terpenes and MCT oil as a carrier oil to lighten it up along with a much nicer aroma! The care and effort gone into making a lighter CBD oil shows in its taste!



What do Dr Watson CBD oils taste like?


The Dr Watson CBD oil range consists of four different broad spectrum CBD oils, each with varying strengths and flavour profiles. Our three strongest CBD oils have unique flavours due to the additives and extracts that we have carefully incorporated into each formula;



The first in our entirely new range of super oils is our ‘Support’ CBD & CBG oil that comes with has that same trademark delicious light Dr Watson hemp taste that people have come to know and love.



Our second strength in our range of specialised oils is our ‘Unwind’ CBD & CBG oil that is now 20ml in size, and has a very subtle yuzu & eucalyptus flavour, which could be described as “citrusy”, combined with tasty light natural hemp.


‘Relief’ CBD & CBG specialised oil is the 3rd in our line of our oils, it has a “sweet and tangy” passionfruit & ginger flavour combined with tasty light natural hemp. 



Our final product in our new series of super oil is our ‘Goodnight’ oil, with ingredients like GABA, chamomile essential oil & peppermint extract to support you on your way to a restful night’s sleep. Both flavoursome and naturally relaxing!



If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil—don’t worry


If none of the options listed above has a taste you can stomach, don’t worry! Thanks to the versatility of CBD oil, many of them can be mixed with drinks like teas, coffee, smoothies & cocktails, to mask the taste. Not only does this make the flavour more palatable, but it is an excellent way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

Last, but by no means least, are CBD capsules. These completely circumvent any issues with taste as the CBD oil is contained inside a soft gel capsule. With several options available, it doesn’t matter whether you love or hate the taste of CBD oil—there is something to suit everyone, including you.


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