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Potential FSA ruling effects on CBD market – Dr Watson CBD



Regulation in the CBD industry


Regulation in the CBD industry has been almost non-existent for the vast majority of time since it started to become used more commonly over the last decade. Up until recently most companies in the UK & EU have been able to get away with mislabeling products and selling products that were outside of legal requirements. Most commonly, products did not have the CBD content that was advertised on the labelling of a product, or the product was tested to show that it had over the legal limits of controlled cannabinoids in it (The current legal limit is 1mg per container/product).


In 2019 the EFSA & FSA (Food standards Agency) stepped in and designated CBD a “Novel Food” – This means that this food has not shown a significant history of use prior to 1997 & is therefore considered novel. In turn this meant all CBD products on the market & intending to stay on the market were to submit dossiers of their food-based products (products consumed orally and ingested). This dossier was initially expected to contain a sufficient amount of information and data to reflect that a brands product were consistent, safe and met the standards the required to be on the market in order to protect the consumer.


Whats required by European Brands & UK


While the extensiveness of the required information cannot be fully simplified into just a few simple paragraphs. Some of the key requirements of an application will include but not be limited to; the consistency of production of the material (CBD); the stability of a product/shelf life of each product; entire ingredients lists & safety sheets for all ingredients used; packaging examples to show all labelling was accurate; production processes for each product; toxicology assessments on humans and how it could affect them. Dossiers were to be submitted in late March with an expectation that most companies would know of their status within a couple of months…


These are just a few examples of what is required to ensure products are safe to continue being sold on the market. The intention is for when consumers buy CBD oil online or in store that the customers is protected by knowing they have a safe and consistent product.


While lots of information has been required, many businesses are expected to cease trading due to the extensive costs that come with having to submit an application. Even those who do go through the whole process are not guaranteed have their applications validated (meaning can stay on the market). It is thought only the most robust and extensive applications will make the cut, heavily reducing the number of products on the market throughout 2021.


What products are having to go through the process (Vape)


While the most popular way for consumers to use CBD when they buy CBD oil online is to buy the CBD oils, the second most popular method to use CBD is vaping. Which will still remain largely unregulated as the vaping (inhalation) is not considered a food product and therefore is exempt from the Novel Foods regulation. To buy CBD vape online will remain relatively easy and the variety of consumer choices will be available to shop for. While this makes life easier for the brands, the consumer will need to do their due diligence on products they are buying to know they are of sound quality. For example, Dr Watson CBDs lab certificates are available on our website for anyone to view.


What products are likely to be allowed in Europe


There has been a lot of talk on the likelihood on the types of certain products being able to remain on the market. CBD Isolate based products are generally thought to be the more likely of products to be given the nod to remain on the market due to the fact it is made with the single cannabinoid that is CBD, Broad spectrum CBD oils or Full Spectrum CBD Oils are thought to potentially have a tougher time passing regulations due to the fact it is an extract made with a broader range of cannabinoids. While broad/full spectrum CBD products are generally considered to be more effective, it is thought there will be less of these products available on the market come the end of 2021.


At Dr Watson CBD we have decided not to compromise the integrity of our products and decided to proceed with all of our food-based products with Broad Spectrum CBD extract in our application to ensure our customers can still receive the same high quality and effective products as always.


How is Dr Watson Applications Proceeding?


Dr Watson submitted our novel foods application in early March with the expectation of receiving feedback on the 1st of May. However due the number of applications submitted, the date of validation/feedback has been pushed back to later in 2021.


What products of ours are going through the process?


Dr Watson started the process of the application in 2020 to keep our high strength CBD products on the market. Below is the list of products that we aim to keep on the market.


Dr Watson CBD Chocolate with Melt London – Dr Watsons Luxury Vegan Dark chocolate with 400g of Broad-spectrum CBD has been a favorite since its launch. In partnership with one of UK’s leading premium chocolatiers, this chocolate is the perfect end of the day before bed nibble. Buy CBD chocolate online here


Dr Watson CBD Gummies – 300mg of CBD gummies in a fruitful passion peach flavour! Designed by a professionally trained chef with a penchant for developing fantastic treats. Made with real fruit extracts and high-quality broad spectrum swiss hemp extract.


Dr Watson UNWIND CBD oil – 1500mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD extract with extracts of YUZU & Eucalyptus to help you unwind after a stressful day. Buy Unwind CBD oil online here


Dr Watson RELEIF CBD oil – 1500mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD oil with real passionfruit and ginger flavour. Great to relief and support and unwanted discomforts. Buy Releif CBD oil online here


Dr Watson GOODNIGHT oil – 1500mg of Broad Spectrum CBD oil with added ingredients of chamomile & peppermint to support a healthy night’s sleep. Buy Goodnight CBD oil online here


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