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Pitbull Token Review (PIT), The BEP20 Auto-Staking, Dog Themed Crypto!


The Pitbull token is a long running BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain or (BSC) for short. With claims of auto staking. All you need to do is hold and you are in turn rewarded with a percentage of incurred fees. In this Pitbull token review, we will be revealing our thoughts and investigating the utility if any of this community-driven dog token.

The Pitbull Token BEP20
The Pitbull Token BEP20

The crypto-world is full of doggie themed tokens all clawing over one another trying to be relevant. This all started with Dogecoin which looks set to take the dog crown in the years to come. But, Will Pitbull be a close second or will it crash out to Shiba Inu built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20)?

Pitbull - All Price Changes
Pitbull – All Price Changes

The Pitbull Mission & Utility

As mentioned earlier in this Pitbull token review, it’s a community driven auto-staking token. But is that all? Here are some of the points made in their whitepaper which sets out their mission objective and what investors can expect in the coming months and years to come:

  1. Listing on exchanges
  2. Pit Mag is a magazine about Pitbulls
  3. Telegram price bot
  4. Pitbull NFT collections
  5. PitPayment (online payment service)
  6. Pit games into a metaverse!
  7. DEX & CEX staking
  8. Pit store (Merchandise for sale)
  9. Donations to animal charities worldwide (at some point!)

There is a lot to come for Pitbull if we go by their whitepaper statements, but so many other tokens are offering exactly the same thing. This would be hard for it to make major gains or stay relevant beyond the initial media attention of 2021. In 2021 it had a huge price jump but ever since it has nearly reversed that jump from its all-time high.

  • Started April 2021
  • Decentralized finance
  • Various dog charity donations
  • Redistribution to holders @2%
  • Minor partnerships
  • No exchanges
  • Can be purchased from Pancakeswap V2
  • Talk of a Swap!

The Breakdown Of The Pitbull BEP20 Token

  • Audited – LIMITED!
  • Token type: BEP20 (BSC)
  • Blockchain: Binance blockchain
  • Number of holders: 498,510
  • Max supply of coins: 100 trillion
  • Revealed owner: No

Where Can You Buy Pitbull Token?

Like all BEP20 tokens, the first & Safest option would be Pancake Swap V2. You will need available Binance Smart Chain in your crypto wallet, connect your wallet through their official website or use the Dapp section within your Trust Wallet and initiate the trade. Other options are:

  • MEXC
  • OKX
  • Coinex
  • Bitrue
  • Bitget

Pitbull Token – Whale Watch

Pitbull - Whale Watch
Pitbull – Whale Watch

In this section of the Pitbull token review, we will analyze the holder wallets to discover how many whales are holding Pitbull tokens. Why is this important? When a price rises if there are too many whales and one sells their bag, this drastically reduces the price and can in turn set off others to sell their Pitbull tokens.

Although the BEP20 tokens charge a fee of 5% AVG for sales, if a whale’s bag is big enough they will still take a huge profit and then buy back in and rinse and repeat when the next price spike happens.

After looking over the wallets there are many wallets holding over 100k, with 6 wallets holding over 300k worth of tokens and two wallets holding over a million $’s worth. Plus taking into account the low price of this token, if it spikes to late 2021 levels there will be some huge whales dropping on much smaller investors.

Is Pitbull Token A Scam?

No, Pitbull token is not a scam and there is no chance of them pulling the rug from under your feet. Although whales are on the higher side investors could experience a lot of resistance if/when the price of Pitbull token increases:

  • Whale Alert: High
  • Crypto Exchanges: No
  • DEX: Yes
  • Invest in the Pitbull token: Yes!
  • Trust Score: 2/5

Final Review Of The Pitbull Token

Our final review of the Pitbull token is OK, it has a large community and they are active across their platforms. But because their utility is dog charity donations, swaps and a magazine we would not expect the price to reach its previous high due to staying relevant.

Back in 2021, they were relevant because their price skyrocketed but ever since the media hype wore off the price slowly corrected lower. If you believe the Pitbull token has got all to give then invest, but remember that it can still go down and is never guaranteed to rise again!

Something To Say About BEP20 Pitbull?

We love reading reviews and token feedback so if you have anything to say about the Pitbull token. Feel free to use the comment section below. This helps our readers make an informed decision about certain tokens and cryptocurrencies that have potential in the real world.


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