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My First Book: Blended – With Love From Kat


I am SO excited to share my first book; Blended with you! This book has been 5 years in the making and was a true labor of love. It’s been a journey to get to this point, and I am so grateful for your support. Everything happens for a reason, and looking back I am SO glad this book didn’t come out 4 years ago when I had planned for it too. I was a different person 4 years ago – I was living in LA at the time, going through a breakup, and hadn’t fully grown up yet. Fast forward to today, I’m married, now live in Connecticut, and my priorities align with my values. I needed those years to grow and develop into the woman I am today. As DVF would say, “The woman I wanted to be!” I’m so grateful for this journey, because it’s allowed me to figure out what food works for me, heal my digestion, find my voice, hone in on my passion, and only do what truly brings me joy. It’s my absolute honor and pleasure to share this book with all of you! You can pre-order it here!

A few things you will find within this book

Kat’s energizing cacao smoothie that she has every afternoon

Kat’s beauty secrets, favorite clean products, and grounding tips

Inspiring seasonal tablescape settings to easily recreate at home

Sample menus and color schemes to use at your next event

Weekly meal plans and grocery lists

Over 125 delicious, stress-free recipes to make for you and your loved ones

Fun cocktails to enjoy at home

About the book

Kat’s first book, Blended, offers a seasonally-inspired and holistic approach to cooking, entertaining, and living well.  This stunning visual guide invites you to elevate holidays, events and everyday moments with delicious flavors and unique elements.

Learn how Kat achieves her coveted aesthetic and create unforgettable memories, tablescapes and meals for you and your loved ones.  Flip through the pages of Blended and immediately feel at ease in the kitchen.  Gain confidence as a hostess with Kat’s elevated, yet down-to-earth way of celebrating.

Having been in front of the camera almost everyday for the past 20 years, first as a model, and then as an influencer, Kat knows what it takes to look and feel her best.  Within this book, you’ll find useful tips paired with balanced, stress-free recipes to help you glow from the inside out.  Feel more energized, balanced and vibrant with these nourishing recipes.

With over 125 bright and flavorful recipes – from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to small plates, snacks, desserts and cocktails – there is something for everyone.  Sugar, dairy and gluten free options along with personal family, comfort food favorites are woven between inspiring tablescapes, custom menu designs and swoon-worthy interiors.  Kat’s thoughtful approach to gathering, creating traditions, and living mindfully are beautifully curated in this limited edition book.

Why I wrote a book

I wrote this book because I wanted to 1. celebrate wellness in a healthy, balanced, non-restrictive way and 2. inspire others to create beautiful, effortless dishes and tablescapes at home for themselves and their loved ones.  When I was going through a slew of health problems in my 20s – everything from digestion issues, to bloating, weight gain, food sensitivities, brain fog and low self esteem – I couldn’t find a role model I truly related to.  It seemed like everywhere I looked, wellness figures were touting such restrictive diets and setting crazy unrealistic goals that honestly just made me feel bad about myself. I remembering thinking, “Where is the woman opening up about her health struggles in a genuine way, embodying a balanced lifestyle and sharing easy, healthy recipes I can make at home? Where’s the girl, who loves a martini, but also starts her day with a big green juice?  Where’s the girl who loves to eat out and can take down an entire large pizza, but also appreciates a delicious homemade meal and a hearty salad?  Where’s the busy gal who still loves hosting an elegant dinner party?”  I’m so excited because with this book – we are carving out a new type of wellness category – one that encourages everyone to do what works for them, doesn’t involve a diet of any kind, and celebrates a truly balanced and beautiful way of living.

What sets Blended a part from other books

I wanted to write a book that felt warm and inviting as you flipped through the pages.  A book that inspired you to create healthy weekday meals for yourself, host a dinner party with ease, and bring your friends together.  A book that you could turn to regardless of what skill level you had in the kitchen, one where you didn’t feel like you had to make it look *exactly* like the picture and one where you didn’t need a hundred obscure ingredients.  A book that promoted flexibility, balance, and imperfections!  A book that you kept on your counter, full of bookmarked pages ready to reference time and time again.

How did you come up with the recipes?

When I first had the idea to write this book, I reached out to my friend Alex Thomopoulos – an incredible chef who I met in LA when she was designing the first menu for Great White (one of my favorite cafes in Venice!) We sat down and made a list of flavors and recipes we wanted to create and spent months developing recipe after recipe. We had so much fun in my LA kitchen and came up with over 100 healthy, colorful, vibrant dishes!

Are there any recipes from your Japanese heritage?

Yes it’s full of family favorites that have been passed down for generations!

Where and when will the book be available?

You can purchase the hardcover and digital download here! The hardcover is available for US shipping and the digital download is available worldwide. The book will ship or be emailed to you in early October.

Why do authors do a pre-order?

Pre-orders are essential because you have to tell your book printer the exact number of books to print. They don’t make one-off copies since the process to print a book is so time consuming and complex. (They have to order the right kind of paper, set up each page to be printed, bind it, pack it and ship it – it’s a much bigger ordeal than you would think!) Pre-ordering my book ensures that you will get a hardcover copy!

Is it a coffee table book?

Yes! It is a cookbook based lifestyle book that will look beautiful on your coffee table or kitchen shelves.

Where will you have your book parties?

I am doing book parties in NYC, CT, and LA! By pre-ordering the book, you will get the chance to attend the parties! Think of your receipt like a ticket – we will send out details on where to upload a copy of your receipt to RSVP. I am SO excited to see all of you in person! These events will be a wonderful networking opportunity and chance for you to meet like minded women.

Will you have autographed copies for sale?

I will be signing books at the book parties! And if you email us with your order requesting a signed copy – I would be happy to sign it before we ship it 🙂

How did you come up with the name Blended?

My mom actually came up with it! She said it would be perfect since I come from a blended background (my mom is Irish and my dad is Japanese, so I am hapa), the book is a blend of everything that inspires me – from cooking, to entertaining, and wellness, and because the word blended is associated with cooking and this is a cookbook!

Thank you for your support!

Order my book here!


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