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Mi9 Retail Expands Customer Base in First Half of 2020


Retailers Continue to Invest in Mission Critical Technology to Address Challenges of COVID-19

MIAMI, FLORIDA July 27, 2020 – Mi9 Retail (Mi9), the leading provider of omnichannel retail solutions, announced today that, despite COVID-19’s impacts on the retail industry, it was still able to add a number of new global retail brands to its customer base, including marquee net new accounts in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia/Pacific regions. Mi9 also expanded its relationship with numerous existing customers. The new customers include a global computer technology company, an iconic American shoe company, a European multinational retail chain, an American supercenter chain, an Australian footwear retailer and wholesaler and two North American grocery retailers.

“As it became apparent in early March that we were heading toward unprecedented disruption in the retail industry, we immediately turned our focus to product innovation to help our customers optimize their businesses,” said Neil Moses, CEO of Mi9 Retail. “We bolstered our cloud services to meet critical spikes in demand and we started rolling out capabilities to address the impact of COVID-19 on overstocks and stockouts for both current and future periods. Our unique capabilities and innovation have helped us attract new customers during a difficult time for the broader market.”

In April, Mi9 launched the “Inventory Recovery” program to assist customers with modeling demand, compensating for the irregularity in sales history, and improving supply chain analysis to ensure proper stock positioning of essential items. This program extends critical functionality to the Mi9 Merchandise Optimization suite, including demand forecasting, inventory planning, replenishment, allocations, assortment planning, and merchandise financial planning.

Moses added, “As brick-and-mortar stores re-open, allocators and inventory planners need the tools to properly assess the updated baseline demand for their products. Mi9’s systems can model unusual demand caused by COVID-19. The adjustments that Mi9’s systems can generate will become necessary for planning and allocation teams by the spring of 2021 given that legacy processes will not be able to drive effective outcomes.”

In early July, Mi9 launched a new brand called ThryveAI that provides next-generation digital commerce to grocers. The launch of the ThryveAI brand coincided with the launch of the new re-architected product platform that provides a digital storefront, AI-driven personalization, and order orchestration and fulfillment optimization. ThryveAI has been successfully deployed in leading grocers in North America and Europe and has been selected as the preferred commerce platform for a number of other leading grocers.

About Mi9 Retail
Mi9 Retail enables the world’s leading retailers to automate and optimize their entire Plan-to-Sell® process, from planning to managing to selling merchandise in-store, online, and on any device. Our corporate retail systems facilitate better demand forecasting, planning, and merchandise management; our point-of-purchase systems increase revenue and customer engagement; and our analytics tools speed time to insight. Mi9 cloud-based solutions incorporate the latest innovations in AI and machine learning to boost system intelligence, automate manual routines, and deliver exception-based workflows. Mi9 Retail is committed to helping retailers on their paths to success, so they can maximize revenue, increase margins, and reduce costs.

About ThryveAI
ThryveAI is a brand of Mi9 Retail, a leading provider of enterprise retail and industry-focused digital commerce software. ThryveAI builds on the company’s years of experience providing cutting-edge e-commerce solutions to the world’s largest grocery retailers. ThryveAI software is modular, scalable, and intelligent, enabling retailers to deliver digital storefronts, optimized fulfillment, and personalized shopper experiences to grow their businesses profitably. Our mission is to help our customers fulfill their potential while future-proofing their businesses so they can Thryve in any environment. Visit us online at www.ThryveAI.com.


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