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How to Make a Great CBD Coffee – Dr Watson CBD



 What is CBD & ways to enjoy it


CBD (cannabidiol) is an extracted cannabinoid from hemp that is often blended into a carrier oil such as MCT oil or Hemp Seed oil, making what has now become the much talked about CBD oil. Used by many around the world to support with everyday living and healthy lifestyle. With it touted as being potentially beneficial for a number of issues. There are numerous ways in which CBD is consumed. CBD oil & CBD Vape are the two most popular methods of intaking your daily CBD.


However, there are many that don’t like the flavour of CBD oil – admittedly it is an acquired taste, so there are a number of ways to mask such taste. Such as, CBD Chocolate & CBD Gummies, these products are easily bought online, though if you would still like the oil option, there are many things you can do with CBD oil to mask the taste. One of these options is CBD Coffee. 


Will CBD Oil & Coffee go?


Absolutely, what better way to mask one strong flavour that with another even stronger flavour, enter CBD oil for Coffee UK. CBD Oil by itself can have quite a strong flavour and sometimes overbearing. It is earthly & herbals and sometimes bitter. When mixing it with coffee, essentially what you are doing is diluting it as if it were a simple squash, while still getting the great benefits of CBD Coffee UK.


What are the benefits of CBD coffee?


While coffee & oil are not soluble (meaning they don’t naturally blend together), one is still able to put the two together and receive the goodness you want from both! While oil is suggested to be ingested sublingually (below the tongue) so it can enter the bloodstream better, it is not paramount. We suggest frothing the coffee up for better blending and adding some flavour! Otherwise – Drinking the patch where bits of oil could be floating, holding those sips in your mouth to savour that morning coffee taste before swallowing.


How to make CBD coffee?



Add one pipette of Dr Watson CBD Oil to your cup of coffee.


Make your coffee on top of the CBD shot as you normally would – whether it’s instant or freshly ground, black or white, or you take it with or without sugar – there’s no need for any special measures. Stir.




Why stop there?


While we recognize coffee is the drink of choice around the world for many in the earlier (or late) hours of the day. There are hundreds of ways you can get creative with CBD oil. One alternative way of viewing CBD oil is simply seeing it as a herb/ flavour / seasoning to a dish that you cook. We find it works excellent in some pasta sauces which are already quite herb rich. CBD oil added to this simply adds another dimension to the flavour. CBD on Avocado toast is something that we quite like here at Dr Watson. Alternately, if you want to stick with your regular CBD oil online while not having a raw hemp flavour. Try Dr Watson CBD flavoured oils in a variety of strengths. These include great blends such as Yuzu & Eucalyptus, Passionfruit & Ginger, and Chamomile & Peppermint.


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