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Guesstimates on January 20, 2023


March S&P E-mini Futures:  The 391 point drop from 4180 was the biggest in the bull market thus far. But the ES has established itself above 3850 so the second up leg of the bull market is now underway with upside target 4400-4500.

QQQ:  Support is now 268. Next upside target is 305.

TNX (ten year note yield): Yields are in the early stages of a long march to higher ground. The 4.35% target has been reached. Support now is at 3.40% and next upside target is 4.95%.

Euro-US Dollar: Support is 95.00. Resistance still at 108.00.

Bitcoin: Last week’s rally was very bullish behavior in the face of universally bad news in crypto. I think the bitcoin bear market is over. Resistance is still 26,000 but the trend over the next few months should carry bitcoin at least to 36,000 and maybe to 50,000.

West Texas Crude Oil: Support is at 72. Next upside target is 104.

Gold: A swing up into the 1950-2000 range is in progress.

Apple: Upside target is still 200. Support is 125.

Alibaba: Resistance is 125. Support is 45.

Amazon: Support at 105 failed. Next support is 87.

Google: Support at 100 failed. Next support is 88.

Meta:  Support at 126 failed. Next support is 90.

Netflix: Upside target is now 375.

Tesla: The 100 downside target has been reached. Resistance now is 145.

Visa: Support is 163. Upside target is 250.



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