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Gods Unchained Review, The Blockchain Card Game That Rewards NFTs!


Gods Unchained is a PVP card game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, it’s a simple idea that has attracted thousands of active players. You battle against others and win cards, these cards are then turned into NFTs and can be sold or transferred across the blockchain for safekeeping/hodling. Like all blockchain type games, you can earn profitable rewards by winning games.

Gods Unchained - The Turn Based Card Game
Gods Unchained – The Turn Based Card Game

This review of God’s Unchained will be revealing its earning potential, the gameplay plus the positives and negatives I experienced while playing this NFT card game.

Gods Unchained - The Breakdown
Gods Unchained – The Breakdown

Gods Unchained Game Play

Although it sounds easy there is a lot to this turn-based card game than meets the eye, you need to have skill and experience to defeat your opponents. Once you start winning matches you will be rewarded with experience points.

Once you have accumulated enough experience points you will be upgraded to the next level and you will receive another set of cards to play with. You win a match when your opponent’s health bar is depleted.

Users are placed with similarly skilled players based on “ranked game mode” which means each player you are matched with will have the same skill set as yourself. So, skill and experience are needed to succeed over your levelled opponent.

  • Play against other similarly ranked players
  • Earn experience every time you play/win
  • Receive a new stack of cards each time you level-up
  • Gained NFTs can be sold in-house or open market
  • Sell your NFTs in-house for $GODS token
  • All NFTS and Tokens are run on the Ethereum blockchain
  • You receive 70 cards once you connect your crypto wallet and create an account
  • Purchase Packs are available to buy higher ranked cards
  • NFT value is based on rare, epic, legendary and also shiny legendary

Building The Perfect WINNING Deck

Like all play-to-earn games, competition is stiff so you need to learn the ability of each card plus your deck overall. Over time you will improve as your deck becomes stronger and you acquire new cards. To achieve a better deck you should:

  1. Play the game and battle others
  2. Trade cards to acquire better abilities
  3. Purchase NFT packs if and when you can
  4. Hold onto rarer cards because they increase wins

The GODS Token

The ERC20 $GODS token running on the Ethereum blockchain is their in-house crypto. You do not receive the “GODS” token direct from gameplay. Once you have aquired NFTs by playing and winning matches you can then sell those NFTs within the game’s marketplace. When you make a sale through the in-house marketplace you are paid in $GODS token.

  • The max supply of $GODS token is 500,000,000 with its peak at $8 (2021)
  • Whales holding $GODS: MEDIUM
  • Readily available on many Decentralized exchanges
  • Also available on non-decentralized exchanges (Kucoin & Coinbase)
  • Smart Contract For Gods Token: 0xccc8cb5229b0ac8069c51fd58367fd1e622afd97

How To Get Started With Gods Unchained?

As mentioned in earlier reviews to play crypto type games you need a good crypto wallet. This crypto wallet must be capable of holding both tokens, altcoins and NFTs.

Once you set up your compatible crypto wallet you “MUST” write down the 12-word passphrase and never share with “ANYONE”. his passphrase will give you access to your wallet in the unfortunate event you lose the device your wallet is stored on.

  • Setup your crypto wallet (important)
  • Download the game to your device/s
  • Connect your crypto wallet to the game
  • Every time you log into Gods Unchained use this wallet
  • Once your wallet is connected you are ready to play
  • You can play for free or load crypto into your wallet
  • You will receive a free basic card deck
  • Or use your crypto wallet to buy packs

Positives For Gods Unchained

  • Currently the most popular NFT card game
  • Sell your NFTs in the in-house marketplace & receive $GODS
  • Can be played on all devices and smartphones
  • All available cards are converted into NFTs
  • You have complete ownership over your in-game items
  • There are no restrictions when selling your NFTs

Negatives For Gods Unchained

  • Hard to master for a newbie
  • Tutorials could be more informative
  • Very similar to Hearthstone
  • Newbies can be matched with experienced players

Gods Unchained Feedback & Review Rating

Listed below is our feedback and overall review of Gods Unchained:

  • Graphics/Quality: Excellent
  • Earning Potential: Good
  • In-app purchases: Many
  • NFT value: Good
  • Free-to-play: YES
  • Overall Rating: 6/10

The developers of Gods Unchained are active and they a continuously bringing out updates and expansion sets. We like Gods Unchained here at Crypto Enabler and would encourage our readers to start their journey battling others in this turn-based fantasy card game.

They do not require you set out a huge amount of funds to get a feel for the game, unlike other play-to-win crypto games. They offer packs from $3 to $140 but these are not needed to play and enjoy this crypto game. But if you can afford a pack it will help you progress greatly and you have a chance to be rewarded with a shiny legendry which every player is bidding for!

All in all, this is the best NFT card game currently on the Ethereum blockchain, with their $GODS token looking to increase in value once blockchain games become the norm. This would be your chance to earn NFTs and hold them for future use.

Have You Played Gods Unchained?

We are always seeking feedback/experiences so if you have played Gods Unchained we would like to read your reviews. This helps other readers make an informed decision about starting their journey with God’s Unchained. Submit your reviews and feedback below or just ask a question about this turn-based game, happy playing;)


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