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Floki Inu Review, The BEP20 Token Created By An Elon Musk Tweet!


Floki Inu crypto started with a tweet by Elon Musk, a few hours later Floki Inu popped up on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). The tweet was “My Shiba Inu Will Be Named FLOKI!” That was the tweet and by the evening of July 1st, 2021 many were buying into the Floki Inu crypto craze.

The Floki Inu Crypto Token
The Floki Inu Crypto Token

In this Floki Inu review, we will be exploring its utility and breaking down both good and bad points. Investing into any token should always be done with caution and never invest any funds that you cannot afford to lose.

Since the release of Floki, it has been gaining in popularity and this is reflected in the price. If Elon Musk ever tweets about the Floki Inu crypto expect the price to pump to new heights, soon after!

2022 Review Update: Since writing this Floki Inu review not much has taken place in the world of Floki Inu. They are still pushing the crypto wallet and donating to various dog charities, but with no evidence of this as of yet. Another important review update is they have been audited by Certik with a 92% security score, which is always a good thing.

Floki Inu Review Update

The Floki Inu Token

The Floki Inu Crypto is created on the Binance network (BSC) as a hyper-deflationary token type, similar to Safemoon and claims to be the next Shiba Inu which is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The hyper-deflationary means that on every sale & buy a certain percentage is burnt, distributed or locked in a holder’s wallet.

These hyper-deflationary type tokens are popular because the rate of burn can be high, but when we are talking about trillions of tokens in the pool, burning a few million will not make much of a dent. Reducing the circulating supply will also improve the price because there are technically fewer tokens available on the market.

Does Floki Inu Have A Utility?

They claim to have the utility of helping dogs, although we have not seen any proof of this as of yet. Many tokens need relevance and Floki Inu has opted for the dog charity utility. Like many obscure tokens, they struggle to find a purpose which can cause issues when the spotlight moves away from their token.

Once this happens tokens without any real-world purposes will tank and users will start to realize their investment is at risk and they withdraw and move onto the next fashionable crypto. Another utility is a wallet and DEX swap which are also popular utilities for tokens looking to stay relevant.

  • Token swap (Floki Shiba Swap)
  • Card Pay (Floki Card Pay)
  • Floki Shiba Paw Wallet
  • NFT Auctions
  • Dog help (Floki Shiba Swag)

All in all Floki Inu does not have a great utility and is based on crypto wallets, token swap (Defi) and Dog rewards. A hundred other tokens are offering the same utility to stay relevant in the world of crypto tokens.

How To Buy Floki Inu?

Like all new token types, you will need to use the right smart contract address and purchase through a DEX with BSC (BNB). But first, you must use a centralized exchange to buy those BNB coins, then send them to your crypto wallet of choosing and connect through Pancakeswap and purchase those Floki tokens. It can be a long process especially if you are not familiar with the process.

  • Uniswap
  • Gate.io
  • Pancakeswap
  • 0x Protocol
  • 1 Inch

You can also connect your hot wallet to any of the DEX websites listed above. Another option would be to use Trust Wallet and head over to the Dapps section for a secure connection between your wallet and the decentralized index selling the FLOKI token.

Is Floki Inu A Scam?

No, it has proved its worth. But any token can withdraw liquidity at any time, so time will tell if they decide to remove liquidity causing anyone wanting to sell their Floki tokens to receive the “no liquidity message”. The Floki team are engaged and their social profiles are active.

  • Social Profiles: Active
  • Website: Medium standard

Floki Inu $FLOKI Whale Watch

The Floki Inu Whale Watch
The Floki Inu Whale Watch

Having looked over the wallet holders there are a few 0.3%,0.4% but only a few so the price has a chance to rise without much resistance. They have a main wallet which is hodling around 64% of all tokens. Having reviewed many tokens we can confirm that minimal whales are waiting to drop their bags on investors, which is very good.

The Breakdown Of $FLOKI BEP20 Token

  • Audited – Yes
  • Token type: BEP20
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BNB)
  • Number of holders: 90,750
  • Max supply of coins: 10,000,000,000,000
  • Revealed owner: No
  • Contract $Floki: 0x3dab450ee6451762e72647a05a205dd5697c5c2c
  • Our Rating: 2/10

Final Review Of Floki Inu $FLOKI

Here at Crypto Enabler, we are very wary of tokens especially ones that came into existence with the help of a tweet. But, the Floki Inu team are active and we cannot find any negative reasons why you should not invest in the Floki token.

They do have a utility, but time will tell how good or useful this token will become once they release their swap, and wallet app and shed more light on their charity results. But, all in all, we do not expect Floki Inu to become the next Shiba Inu due to a lack of reason to exist.

Are You Invested In Floki Inu?

We want to hear your thoughts and reviews of the Floki Inu token. Where do you see it going? Have you had any bad experiences? We love to hear from our readers because it helps other readers make informed decisions when it comes to investing. You can use our secure form here or just scroll down and use the comment section to voice your opinions.


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