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Concrete Leveling Kansas City- Concrete Raising Systems


Concrete is heavy! Concrete driveway and sidewalk slabs are super heavy! It is hard to believe that sinking and cracking  heavy concrete could be leveled by foam but it can! The foam that is used for concrete leveling and repair is a high-tech blend that uses a two-part system that companies use instead of mud jacking.

Polyurethane Foam that Levels Concrete

Polyurethane foam is part of the two-part system used in Foam Mudjacking. Polyurethane foam is better than the cement, dirt and water mixture that the typical mud jacker uses.  Polyurethane foam will not shrink once injected under sinking concrete. In fact, it expands seven feet in all directions to fill every void and space under the concrete slab.

Cracking concrete is a symptom of voids that exist under a concrete slab. The cracks become more pronounced as the concrete sinks lower and lower in an uneven way as the voids under the concrete are not even. Waiting until the cracks are more and more pronounced may seem like a good idea but if you wait too long, your concrete may need to be replaced as it is now too damaged to be repaired.

The Foam that Lifts and Levels is not the Same as Insulating FoamConcrete Leveling Kansas City lifts concrete is a high-tech system for repairing driveways, sidewalks, porches, steps and basement floors. The foam lifting experts at Concrete Raising Systems in Kansas City are the ones to call.

The foam that is used to lift and repair driveways, sidewalks, basements, steps and porches is not the same foam that is used to insulate your attic. The two-part foam jacking process is sensitive to humidity and temperature. Only an expert who works with the foam that lifts concrete on a daily basis can expertly apply the right parts of the two-part system to ensure the foam that is used to repair the concrete works, sets and expands as it is intended to.

Why Leveling Concrete with Foam is Better than Mud Jacking?

Using foam to lift your concrete is better because:

  • Once is it lifted it will stay lifted
  • Many mud jacking jobs need to be redone
  • Foam jacking is less invasive
  • Foam Jacking equipment won’t tear up your lawn
  • Foam material is lighter than mud jacking material
  • Foam is impervious to the elements and won’t sink like mud jacking material can

Are you convinced that the foam that levels concrete is a better choice than mud jacking? Homeowners who need a driveway, sidewalk, porch, patio or basement floor repaired due to sinking and cracking concrete slabs should take the time to evaluate their options and to choose the best, most cost-effective repair system for them. Concrete Raising Systems takes the time to evaluate each and every job they are called to quote. If you have any questions about using foam to lift concrete, visit their website, find out more about the owners or call them today (816) 419-8306  with all your questions.

This article was originally published in August 2016 and has been recently updated. 


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