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How closely were you reading GeekWire this year? Here’s your chance to put that accumulated knowledge to the test. It’s our 2022 News Quiz — this year featuring multiple planes, a famed arcade, breakthrough innovations in science and technology, and the adventures of our local tech moguls.

Take an interactive version of the quiz below, or at this link. Let us know how you did! Post your score and tag GeekWire on Twitter or LinkedIn for bragging rights.

Continue reading for the questions and answers below.

All credit for this year’s questions goes to our resident quizmaster, GeekWire co-founder John Cook. You can also watch or listen to GeekWire’s reigning news quiz champ, managing editor Taylor Soper, as he attempts to remain undefeated against me, in the video above or podcast below.

1. Arlington, Washington-based Eviation completed a successful test of what transportation technology in the high desert of Washington state in September 2022?

  • Autonomous semi-truck
  • All-electric aircraft
  • Delivery drone
  • Underground train

2. Bonus question: What is the name of Eviation’s transportation technology?

  • Pandora
  • Rosie
  • Marvin
  • Alice

3. Which of the following books was NOT on Bill Gates’ list of all-time favorite books which the billionaire philanthropist released in the fall of 2022?

4. Which of these companies did NOT rank in the top 5 of the GeekWire 200 ranking of the top privately-held companies in the Pacific Northwest as of the fourth quarter of 2022?

  • iSpot 
  • Hootsuite
  • Convoy
  • Outreach
  • Icertis

5. Name the Seattle technology CEO who said this in November 2022: “We’ve tied up hundreds of millions of dollars in houses that you yourself wouldn’t want to own right now.” 

  • Glenn Kelman
  • Rich Barton
  • Robert Reffkin
  • Tushar Garg

6. Amazon shut down a number of business units in 2022, including its primary healthcare services unit. What was its name?

  • Haven
  • Amazon Clinic
  • Amazon Care
  • Scout

7. Amazon added what former Seattle Seahawk to its “Thursday Night Football” broadcast team on Prime Video?

  • K.J. Wright
  • Doug Baldwin
  • Walter Jones
  • Richard Sherman

8. Some 7,587 freshman applicants to the University of Washington for next year picked the prestigious Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering as their top choice for a major. How many will be accepted into the program?

9. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s estate sold artifacts from the Flying Heritage Combat and Armor Museum to which entrepreneur and philanthropist associated with one of retail’s pioneering families?

  • Jeff Bezos
  • Jim Sinegal
  • Steuart Walton
  • Howard Schultz

10. Which of the following Pacific Northwest companies did NOT raise $200 million or more in venture capital financing in 2022? 

  • iSpot
  • Convoy
  • Group14 Technologies
  • Flexe
  • TerraPower

11. In February, protestors in The Netherlands signed up to toss what food item at Jeff Bezos’ new $500 million megayacht when it passed through the city of Rotterdam?

  • Cherries
  • Tomatoes
  • Eggs
  • Pancakes

12. Strella Biotechnology Co-founder and CEO Katherine Sizov won GeekWire’s Elevator Pitch startup competition at the 2022 GeekWire Summit, with a unique sensing technology that reduces food waste by determining what?

  • Amount of expired food in refrigerator
  • Ripeness levels of apples and pears
  • Forecasts for restaurant orders
  • Weight of perishable items

13. Name the famed arcade that re-opened its doors in downtown Seattle in the summer of 2022?

  • Wunderland
  • GameWorks
  • Dave and Busters
  • Shorty’s

14. Yejin Choi, a University of Washington computer science professor, won an $800,000 “genius grant” from John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Her research focuses on NLP. What does NLP stand for?

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Neural Language Production
  • Novice Listing Process
  • Natural Lexicon Processing

15. A “Funko Schitt’s Creek Party Game” daily deal for $19.99 was the last sale offered through what Amazon-based vehicle? 

  • Zoox
  • Treasure Truck
  • Prime Position
  • Prime Truck

16. GeekWire tracked over 200 funding deals tied to Pacific Northwest companies  in 2022 on the venture capital funding list. Which of these is NOT the name of a Seattle startup that raised funding in 2022?

  • MotherDuck
  • Rock Paper Coin
  • BrightCanary
  • OrcaCloud
  • RipeLocker


  1. An all-electric aircraft. GeekWire story: ‘It was wonderful’: Eviation’s Alice electric airplane wins praise after its first flight test
  2. Alice
  3. iSpot. See the full GeekWire 200 list here.
  4. A Full Life by President Jimmy Carter. GeekWire story: Bill Gates’ holiday book picks are 5 all-time favorites; look for them in 100 Little Free Libraries
  5. iSpot: See the full GeekWire 200 list here.
  6. Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman. GeekWire story: Redfin to cut 13% of workforce and shut down home-flipping business RedfinNow
  7. Richard Sherman. GeekWire story: Amazon adds former Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman to broadcast team on Prime Video
  8. 550. GeekWire story: ‘It is not acceptable’: UW computer science program can’t keep up with record demand from undergrads
  9. Steuart Walton. GeekWire story: Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage museum sold to Walton family aviation enthusiast and will reopen
  10.  Flexe. See GeekWire’s Recent Fundings list.
  11. Eggs. GeekWire story: Scramble the fighters! Thousands of protesters sign up to egg Jeff Bezos’ yacht at Dutch bridge site
  12.  Ripeness levels of apples and pears. GeekWire story: Elevator Pitch winner Strella Biotechnology has a ripe idea for solving major food waste problem
  13. GameWorks: GeekWire story: Inside the revived GameWorks Seattle arcade bar that opens this week
  14. Natural Language Processing. GeekWire story: University of Washington computer science professor Yejin Choi wins $800K ‘genius grant’
  15. Amazon’s Treasure Truck. GeekWire story: End of the road for Treasure Truck: Amazon stops deals program, which went online during pandemic
  16. OrcaCloud. See GeekWire’s Recent Fundings list.

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