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bitchy | YouGov poll: British people think Prince Harry ‘should have his title removed’


In Netflix’s Harry & Meghan, Prince Harry actually said that as part of the months-long conversations about the Sussexit, he offered to “give up” the Sussex titles. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles apparently rejected the offer, opting instead to simply ask Harry and Meghan to “not use” their HRHs in any professional or commercial matter. So they still have their Sussex titles. In Meghan’s case, “Duchess of Sussex” is her married name, and I 100% believe that a huge chunk of the “strip them of their titles” conversation is about wanting to “strip” Meghan of her married name. Anyway, because Salt Island literally can’t stop talking or thinking about Harry and Meghan, someone commissioned a YouGov poll about their titles. The poll was conducted after Netflix’s Harry & Meghan Volumes 1 and 2 aired but before Spare was released and leaked.

Almost half of the public think the Duke of Sussex should be stripped of his royal title following the release of his and his wife’s Netflix documentary, a poll has found. In a survey by YouGov, 44 per cent of respondents said Prince Harry should have his title removed, compared with 32 per cent who thought he should be allowed to retain it.

In an indication that the six-part Netflix series, Harry & Meghan, has backfired on the couple with its accusations against the rest of the Royal family, the public appears to have more sympathy for the Prince and Princess of Wales. A total of 44 per cent in the YouGov poll for The Times said they were more sympathetic towards William and Catherine, compared with just 17 per cent for Prince Harry and Meghan.

At the same time, 23 per cent said the six-hour documentary, released earlier this month, made them think worse of Harry and Meghan, while just 7 per cent said it made them think better of the couple. The majority (65 per cent) of those questioned by YouGov said that Harry and Meghan, who now live in the Californian town of Montecito, had chosen to leave the Royal family. Only 11 per cent said they had been forced out.

In a further blow to the Duke and Duchess, 53 per cent of respondents said they did not deserve an apology from the Royal family for their treatment, and only 19 per cent thought they did.

Tom Quinn, the author of Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from Queen Mary to Meghan Markle, said: “I’m not at all surprised that people have more sympathy for the Prince and Princess of Wales because they are doing the classic thing of being stoical. They are not complaining about Harry. I think it is unlikely that the King will strip the Duke of Sussex of his title because then it looks like he and Prince William are doing the kind of things Harry and Meghan do. Their modus operandi is to be quiet and calm and not lash out.”

[From The Telegraph]

Prince William was literally screaming, crying and throwing up in Boston when the first Netflix trailer came out, but go off on the whole “stoical” BS. Anyway, this is all happening around the THIRD anniversary of the first Sussexit announcement – it’s been three years and Salt Island can’t move on. One of the questions YouGov should have asked in this push-poll is “do you think Harry and Meghan’s actions in California affect your daily life in the UK in any way?” I guess someone thought a YouGov poll about the Sussexes would be better than polling about how the British taxpayers are picking up the hefty price tag for King Charles’s excessive coronation.

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