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bitchy | Would you like to see Dr. Jill Biden’s beautiful White House Christmas decorations?


Dr. Jill Biden doesn’t just have Big Mom Energy, she also has Big Teacher Energy. Teacher Energy manifests itself in different ways, but one thing is pretty consistent: teachers love holiday decorations. Dr. Biden is well-known for loving all holidays, especially Valentine’s Day. But of course she’s all about Christmas too. It’s tradition that the First Lady’s office organizes the White House Christmas decorations. Almost always – I think it was different during the Trump years? – volunteers come into the White House to decorate for Christmas. During the Obama years, most of the volunteers were selected via lottery, with a priority given to military families. I believe the Bidens do the same. Melania Trump didn’t give a f–k about Christmas and her annual Christmas decorations were always a low point, especially the Blood Trees of Doom.

Well, this year, the Biden White House absolutely looks like a teacher was in charge of the Christmas Decorations Committee. I love Jill so much. The decorations are beautiful, albeit a little bit dated and old-fashioned. Some of these photos look like they came from the Reagan administration, I’m just saying! I bet Dr. Jill had a fantastic time doing this with all of the volunteers. I bet she’s trying to scheme a way to get some volunteers into the White House in February so that they can go all out for V-Day.

Photos courtesy of the Backgrid, White House/FLOTUS.


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