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bitchy | Wootton: There’s ‘fury, outrage and disgust’ within the monarchy at the Sussexes


I knew that Salt Island media would work themselves into a lather about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex making some charity stops in the UK and Germany, but I’m not sure I was expecting everyone to collectively hit their “Barking Lunatic” mode within a few days. As I wrote in yesterday’s post about the Queen’s promise to snub the Sussexes:

Harry & Meghan: We’re coming to the UK for some charity visits.

I will add something to that. The Windsors are also saying “HOW DARE YOU EVEN THINK THAT YOU COULD VISIT ANY MEMBER OF THE ROYAL FAMILY!” Again, the Sussexes have merely confirmed their appearances in Manchester, Dusseldorf and London across four days. That’s it. Dan Wootton devoted his column to the visit and he almost gave himself a stroke. His column is “Why the hell should Prince Charles and William pander to Harry on his upcoming vanity tour of Britain with Meghan? There is zero chance of reconciliation while his ‘intimate’ autobiography hangs over the Queen.” Again, literally no one said Harry and Meghan are visiting the UK to spend time with the Windsors. But please allow Wootton to shriek into the void:

Hint, there are no apologists asking for this: The Harry and Meghan apologists are at it again, demanding the Royal Family roll out the red carpet for the exiled Sussexes on their vanity tour of Britain next month. I can assure them that isn’t going to happen. The fury, outrage and disgust at the highest levels of the monarchy over Prince Harry’s decision to press ahead with the publication of his upcoming autobiography, even as the 96-year-old Queen’s health suffers, is only growing.

A veritable bonanza of lies indeed: Indeed, the ‘intimate and heartfelt’ £14.7million Penguin Random House book is seen as the likely final straw in relations between Harry and his brother Prince William, who has still not forgiven the Sussexes for their bonanza of lies otherwise known as the Oprah Winfrey interview. For Prince Charles, who has tried to remain magnanimous in the face of stinging public criticism from his youngest son during that discredited TV special, the book has been responsible for months of torment, as he tried to grieve the passing of his father Prince Philip.

Wow they’re still mad about Camilla somehow?? Despite her best efforts to cultivate a positive relationship, there are fears Harry could publicly criticise his stepmother Camilla in the tome. Those concerns grew significantly when there was radio silence from Montecito when the Queen made the historic announcement that it is her wish for the Duchess of Cornwall to become Queen Consort upon her death.

The Windsors are so mad, you guys: Meanwhile, many lower ranked royals are now in open revolt about the couple – and prepared to make their feelings clear behind palace walls. Marking that shift of tone, even Harry’s former allies Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall are said to have been highly critical of the couple’s stand-offish, haughty and arrogant attitude during their last visit for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Outside of disgraced Prince Andrew, Fergie and his two daughters Eugenie and Beatrice, who have made an extra effort to stay close to Harry and Meghan, and the Queen herself, the couple’s allies in the family are now non-existent.

Aghast at Harry’s lawsuits: Senior courtiers are aghast at the Sussexes ongoing battles with the Home Office over their demands for government-provided Met security, something they knew full well would disappear if they left their formal royal roles to make their fortune in California.

Keen to visit are they??? So perhaps the biggest question is, given the acrimony, why are Harry and Meghan so keen to return to the UK not long after their last disastrous visit? The answer, courtiers suspect, is likely to be, at least in part, commercially driven. Much to their horror, the Sussexes are discovering that the US interest in them is decreasing, as their proximity to the Royal Family and Britain grows ever more distant.

I’m sorry, what is this sentence?? It’s easy to understand why some courtiers believe Harry and Meghan no longer care about the destruction they’re causing to the monarchy, with their criticism likely to grow louder if the Queen were to pass away in the coming years, a prospect royal aides are now having to countenance.

[From The Daily Mail]

Delusional doesn’t even begin to cover it. Harry and Meghan undramatically announced that they will do three events to support the causes they care about. There was nothing in their announcement to indicate any desire to see anyone in the Windsor clan. So instead of simply stating that “It’s appears that Harry and Meghan are completely avoiding the Windsors on this trip,” people like Wootton spin out a bonkers version where SURELY Meghan and Harry are desperate to meet with the Windsors, and of course the Windsors will snub them, for reasons!! Lord Peggington’s go-to columnist has genuinely lost the plot.

A few more points… “senior courtiers” are aghast with Harry’s lawsuits because those are senior courtiers being outed as liars in court, like Edward Young and the Ravec council of secrets. And did Wootton say flat-out that Harry and Meghan are “destroying the monarchy”? LOL, Meghan’s power! A lifestyle blogger and television actress dismantled the British monarchy from her Montecito living room. Bless her.

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