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bitchy | Will the Queen ‘force’ Prince William & Harry to reconcile next month?


I genuinely enjoy reading the looney-tunes rantings of several Daily Mail columnists. Dan Wootton is a fascist shill, the “Talk of the Town” column usually has some insider dirt and I’m always curious to see what notes and missives Richard Kay has gotten from different royal camps. There’s one guy, Ephraim Hardcastle, who uses his Mail column to speak with some vague authority as, like, an old-guard Tory monarchist, I think? And so I found Hardcastle’s latest piece rather curious. Y’all know how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are breezing into the UK in September for some charity visits? Well, Hardcastle thinks this is the perfect moment for Queen Elizabeth to “force” Harry and William to reconcile. Huh.

When Harry returns to the UK, could the Queen use her constitutional powers to orchestrate a reconciliatory meeting between him and William?

She is scheduled to be back in London to appoint a new PM but the other associated tasks – audiences with sacked and newly appointed ministers and a Privy Council meeting – can be delegated to two Counsellors of State.

Both warring brothers are counsellors. As Harry will be in the country she could command him to do his duty alongside William. Could he refuse?

[From The Daily Mail]

What’s interesting about this is that Harry would likely do anything the Queen asked him to do. She personally requested his presence and Meghan’s presence at the Jubbly, and they came. She personally welcomed H&M to Windsor for tea before the Invictus Games and her courtiers were shook when the Sussexes arrived. If she wanted to, she would say “come to Windsor and have tea with your brother.” Harry probably would. The question is, would William? Doubtful.

The larger issue is that all of the different royal courts feel differently about how to “use” the Sussexes. Charles seems content with a permanent split between his sons – it suits Charles’s purposes for the moment. The Queen maintains a warm personal relationship with the Sussexes, although her courtiers obviously do the most to limit her contact with H&M. But William? William was always the problem. And what’s worse is that Buckingham Palace and Clarence House have made that abundantly clear over the past year, that it’s Kensington Palace’s vendetta more than anything else.

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