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bitchy | Was Nicole Kidman always insanely jacked or is this a new thing?


Nicole Kidman is 55 years old and she’s ripped. Like, weirdly ripped, right? Nicole covers a new issue of Perfect Magazine. She did an artsy editorial with photographer Zhong Lin which is actually sort of cool, except for the bangs trauma on that pin-straight clown wig. But going back to Nicole being so jacked these days… I’ve never really considered her a particularly ripped person, or someone muscular or focused on “arm days” or what have you. She’s always been thin and tall and fit, naturally lithe in a way I will never be. Maybe she’s one of those “I’ve always been secretly jacked” women.

Sigh… I need to work on my arms. I admire women who can keep their arms strong and lean. I kind of feel like Nicole has probably changed up her fitness routine recently, maybe even for a role. Anyway, the rest of the editorial is very… artsy. Nicole used to do these kinds of shoots all the time, especially in the first few years after her divorce from Tom Cruise. It was like she was reclaiming a new identity, that of an avant-garde artist and artist’s muse. She has such a strong look for editorials, she’s really underrated that way.

Cover & IG courtesy of Perfect Magazine.


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