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bitchy | UK journo: Prince Harry has ‘no qualifications’ to speak at the United Nations


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I’ve been around for all of the media/royal meltdowns over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex whenever they do anything. While it doesn’t surprise me that there’s been a week-long media and commentator tantrum over Prince Harry’s United Nations speech, I have to admit that this was nowhere near as bad as I expected. I thought the negativity would be wall-to-wall, especially in the British media. While they are hysterically unnerved by Harry and Meghan’s UN trip, it also feels like none of it is getting much traction? I mean, Meghan McCain devoted her Daily Mail column to it. Piers Morgan foamed at the mouth. But beyond that, it just felt subdued. Or maybe I’ve gotten used to it, who knows. It definitely felt like there was more hysteria over the Sussexes going to the Jubbly than their UN appearance. All of which brings me to this: Us Weekly was so desperate for drama, they interviewed Jonathan Sacerdoti, a British journalist who specializes in stories about… terrorism and the royal family. He had some thoughts about Harry’s speech!

Following Prince Harry‘s keynote speech at the United Nations, royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti weighed in on why he believes the royal’s appearance didn’t seem appropriate.

“I can’t say I was surprised [about his speech at the U.N. General Assembly Hall in New York] bearing in mind, he’s making a habit of this. But I certainly wasn’t impressed,” Sacerdoti exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, July 19, about the Duke of Sussex’s recent involvement. “The reason for that is that Prince Harry made out that he really wanted to kind of duck out of this royal circus that he felt he was trapped in.”

The journalist claimed that Harry’s actions weren’t lining up with his previous statements, adding, “Why was he speaking at the U.N.? Because he’s Prince Harry, otherwise, without meaning to be too offensive, no one would be interested in a guy who scraped through high school’s opinion on world affairs.”

According to Sacerdoti, Harry, 37, has “no qualifications” to be discussing worldwide issues. “He’s, literally, completely unqualified to have anything important to tell to people, but instead he’s using his position as somebody in the British royal family to spread what he sees as an important message,” he continued. “Now, I’m not disputing whether it’s an important message or not, but I am disputing whether or not he’s really got any right to be spreading it to us at the same time as having told us, he doesn’t like the attention of being a royal.

The broadcaster concluded: “If you want to use the status of being part of that royal family, for what you see as good causes and good ends, you have to obey their rules because that’s just kind of polite.”

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They’re so mad that the Mandela Foundation requested Prince Harry as their keynote speaker for Mandela Day. They’re so mad that millions of people have watched the video of Harry’s 15-minute speech. They’re so mad that he spoke about the liberal/progressive issues he cares about. They’re so mad that he’s a prince and he’s living a life of his choosing and they can’t control him. Harry has “no qualifications” – does someone need a PhD to be invited to speak at the UN? Besides that, Harry has done work in the African subcontinent for decades. Last thing: you can really tell that Harry’s speech was incredibly effective because of the way right-wing figures and right-wing sites are attacking him. If he was a Tory stooge like his brother, those people would have no issue with him.

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