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bitchy | Tristan Thompson is ‘jealous’ that Khloe Kardashian is moving on with a new guy?

When Khloe Kardashian was doing her off-and-on thing with Tristan Thompson, the Kardashian press machine would often quote sources who claimed that Tristan constantly “begged” Khloe to take him back, that Tristan would fall all over himself to win back Khloe whenever he cheated on her, that he was always desperate to be with Khloe. I never bought it. I never believed that Tristan cared that much either way, and I absolutely believe that Khloe did all of the emotional work in that relationship, that she was always “forgive and forget” every single time she learned about some new side chick or pregnant mistress. That’s part of the reason why I believe Khloe and Tristan will probably start up again this year – she’s the one who will back-slide and beg him to come back to her. I bring this up because Us Weekly got a Khloe update, straight from Kris Jenner’s email from the sound of it. Apparently, Khloe is moving on from Tristan (lol) even though Tristan is, you guessed it, jealous of the fact that Khloe is dating someone new.

Moving on! Khloé Kardashian is enjoying time with her new beau — something ex Tristan Thompson isn’t taking very well, a source tells Us Weekly.

“Khloé has moved on and is happy in her new relationship, which is still in its early stages,” the insider exclusively tells Us on Tuesday, July 5. “Tristan would want nothing more than to be back with Khloé, so of course, there’s jealousy there.”

The insider adds that while the NBA star, 31, has “tried countless times to win back” the Good American founder, 37, “she’s done with him for good romantically.”

The exes are now “strictly coparenting,” with Khloé making it known there are clear boundaries. “They are amicable and spend time together when it comes to True,” the source explains.

Tristan, for his part, is “single and doing his thing” but “not dating anyone special,” the insider says, adding, “He just likes to party and flirty with girls, which is nothing new.”

Us confirmed on June 21 that the reality star was dating a private equity investor after she and the mystery man — whose name still has yet to be revealed — were introduced at a dinner party through Khloé’s sister Kim Kardashian.

[From Us Weekly]

This feels like Khloe is laying the groundwork for her eventual reconciliation with Tristan, right? The Kardashian narrative will be “Khloe really was moving on, she was dating someone else, and that made Tristan realize what he was losing, he begged her to come back!” Again, I just don’t believe that was ever the dynamic. If anything, Tristan knows that Khloe will always be there and she will always want to be with him. He’s always known that. That’s why he has behaved the way he has.

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