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bitchy | Tominey: Prince William is still ‘seething’ & wants Harry to ‘apologize’


As I’ve now said endlessly, as soon as Queen Elizabeth II passed away, the new king and new Prince of Wales began a campaign of leaking and briefing against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Their focus on Harry and Meghan was disturbing, and it reached a bizarre crescendo over the weekend, when Roya Nikkah at the Times and Camilla Tominey at the Telegraph both got similar-sounding briefings from Kensington Palace. Those briefings were almost solely about Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship and how nothing significant has changed and how Harry really, really needs to “cancel” the publication of his memoir. If anything, Tominey’s Telegraph piece was even more unhinged than the Times piece. Some highlights:

Does King Charles III see a way back for the Sussexes? A former royal aide pointed out: “It’s simply not the King’s style to do anything that would alienate either of his children. He loves them both deeply and has been devastated by everything that has happened.” His offer to Harry to be able to wear his Blues and Royals uniform at Saturday evening’s poignant event is evidence of his desire to “bring Harry back in” despite the family’s fears over his forthcoming memoirs.

The Windsors are currently riding an all-time high? Meghan has also shelved her Archetypes podcast for six weeks and cancelled a planned appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But will it be enough to persuade a public that has already somewhat fallen out of favour with their unique brand of royal oversharing? And can they really afford to carry on attacking an institution in mourning, when sympathy for the Royal family is currently at an all-time high?

Harry should be grateful that he wasn’t snubbed harder: Far from treating them as outcasts, the so-called men in grey suits have given them a ringseat seat. Since Harry has been afforded every courtesy as the King’s son, it surely now behooves him to behave courteously back.

Ah, yes, the Sussexes are out of touch: So if the couple now revert to being overly critical of their nearest and dearest, they are going to look even more out of touch and bitter than they do already. Little wonder, then, that there has even been talk of the book, ghost-written by Pulitzer Prize winning author J. R. Moehringer, being canned altogether – although having already been submitted and approved by lawyers, that seems highly unlikely.

William is “still seething”: The pressure is also on the Prince of Wales – still seething over the way he and Kate have been treated – to seize the moment. If there was ever an opportunity for reconciliation then this week surely presents it. Yet it seems William and Kate are unable to move on until Harry and Meghan at least “acknowledge” the hurt they have caused – let alone apologise for it. As one source close to the couple explained: “They feel that Oprah crossed a line and that someone should acknowledge the motives behind it and the pain it caused. They feel they’ve had to be steely to send a message that you cannot just say this hugely upsetting stuff without there being consequences.”

[From The Telegraph]

Again, let’s be perfectly clear: Prince William and his clownshow aides have been nakedly briefing about and against Harry and Meghan for weeks/months, and the sum total of the message William WANTS out there is that “William is still seething and Harry needs to apologize!” Apologize for what? For the Oprah interview, wherein Harry soft-pedaled specific criticisms of his brother and instead showed open disgust with the way their father treated him? Or the way Meghan – at long last – corrected Kate’s unhinged and incessant narrative that Meghan made Kate cry? Hit dogs holler and it should deeply concern the new king that his heir is running around, telling on himself and being such a racist, incandescent pig.

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