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bitchy | Tom Brady is ‘totally devoted to his children during the offseason,’ you guys


People Magazine and Page Six reported this week that Gisele Bundchen has hired a divorce lawyer and she’s weighing her options. We also heard that Gisele getting all her ducks in a row sort of surprised Tom Brady, and he was scrambling to find good divorce representation in Florida too. Now People Magazine reports that Tom found someone in a hurry. There’s also a curious quote from an “insider” about how Tom feels about fatherhood:

After wife Gisele Bündchen retained a divorce lawyer, Tom Brady enlisted one for himself, a source confirms to PEOPLE. On Tuesday, PEOPLE reported that Bündchen hired a divorce attorney amid their marriage troubles, and Brady, her husband of 13 years, was “trying to figure out what to do.” Page Six was the first to report the news.

The couple, who share two children — son Benjamin Rein, 12, and 9-year-old daughter Vivian Lake, along with Brady’s son John Edward, 15, with ex Bridget Moynahan — have been dealing with “a lot of tension” in the marriage, in part because of Brady’s decision to return to the NFL this season after a brief retirement.

Another insider told PEOPLE, though, that the seven-time Super Bowl winner is “totally devoted” to his children during the offseason, and spends time with his family in between games and traveling.

“No other husband gets six months off a year to be totally devoted to just their family,” the source said. “And during the season, yes he travels for games and trains, but he’s with his family a lot too.”

[From People]

Again, Tom being “‘totally devoted’ to his children during the offseason” is not the flex Team Brady thinks it is. He keeps showing us exactly why Gisele had enough – he’s like “I’m a devoted father, I spent some time with the kids during my off-season!” And what, he spends zero time parenting those kids for the other six months? Gisele has told him repeatedly that’s not good enough, that he needs to be more hands-on, that he’s missing their entire childhood, all because he’s a 45 year old man who doesn’t know when to quit his sport. Also: plenty of men spend more time with their children AND work full-time or part-time. Tom is rich as hell and he’s choosing to be a full-time absentee parent and meathead.

PS… Remember the viral tweet-thread about Dell and Sonya Curry, the infamous “they pegging out here” thread? Well, that guy, Solomon, has done another excellent thread about Tom and Gisele. Mostly Tom and how “You not even ending your marriage over another woman… you ending your marriage over other men.” Please enjoy:

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