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bitchy | Tom Bower: Prince Harry ‘will keep his princely title, it’s Meghan I’m after’

One of the big, dumb Salt Island tabloid stories this weekend was an exclusive in the Sun, wherein Tom Bower claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be or should be stripped of their Sussex titles because something something Harry’s memoir. Bower doesn’t know what’s in Spare, Bower hasn’t read it nor is he a mind-reader. He’s just a decrepit, nasty old man screaming at clouds. Somehow, that exclusive was enough to get him booked on Good Morning Britain on Monday, where he said some predictably deranged sh-t about how Meghan and Harry need to have their titles removed because their titles are the only things Americans care about. Which isn’t true. Bower also said some crazy sh-t about how Meghan is basically the ghost-writer for Spare, which also makes no sense.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Bower was asked if Harry and Meghan should keep their titles – replying: “He’ll [Harry] keep his princely title, it’s Meghan I’m after. His book is really Meghan’s. Meghan is the person who has dictated this agenda.”

Presenter Ed Balls countered that the book is by Prince Harry and not his wife, to which Bower asked “Do you think he’s read it?”

Bower continued: “Meghan has actually read every word. Meghan is highly intelligent, very sophisticated.”

He continued to slam the Duchess, claiming that Prince William, King Charles and Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer “saw through” her. He claimed the core of the Royal Family saw that “she was adventurous, [she] came here to make fame and fortune and go back to America, [she] is exploiting the royal title.”

[From The Sun]

“It’s Meghan I’m after” sums it up. As many have pointed out, these disgusting old men have been “after” Meghan from the start. She’s “adventurous” (there’s another label for Archetypes), she’s a golddigger, she’s too sexy, she’s too American, she’s too smart! When every single thing Harry has done and said for more than three years is all about the decisions he’s making, the work he’s doing, the fights he’s waging. Meghan is sitting in Montecito, raising her children and doing a podcast. Bridge trolls like Bower are desperate to engage her in any way.

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