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bitchy | Tina Brown: Prince Harry is a bigger problem for the monarchy than Andrew


This week, Tina Brown appeared on the Wall Street Journal’s In The City podcast. She is still promoting her latest book, The Palace Papers, which was a massive disappointment. Brown has been co-opted by the Middletons and Kensington Palace, but even then, her arguments made little sense. In Brown’s narrative, Harry is a pathetic, enraged, hen-pecked dolt who only decided to move to America because Meghan didn’t like playing second-fiddle to Will and Kate. Brown’s narrative is also that Harry (and only Harry) desperately needs to come back because the monarchy needs him. Someone suggested that several people wrote The Palace Papers and none of them were communicating with each other. Anyway, this week Brown claims that Harry is a “bigger problem for the monarchy” than Prince Andrew.

During the podcast, Brown said that “the monarchy seems more reassuring than ever, but that monarchy is at a frail point because everybody knows this is the last jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and the question of how they will feel British after the queen dies is a big one.”

According to Brown, Princes Charles will become a transitional monarch to “get things in shape for William.” She said William and Kate will need to balance the gravitas of the thousand-year-old institution with their “more European, less traditional” way of doing things.

Brown said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave their royal roles is a bigger headache for the British royal family compared to Prince Andrew. In light of Andrew’s settlement with Virginia Giuffre, Brown said she thought that though the optics of Andrew appearing in a prominent position at Prince Philip’s memorial service in March were “distressing”, those future problems have been “ring-fenced, because people understand that, OK, every so often the queen is going to want her son next to her.”

Brown added that though this may be the case now, “that won’t happen when Charles is king and it won’t happen when William is king.”

In terms of who has the potential to cause greater problems for the royal family moving into the future, Brown said she felt it is not Andrew, but Harry who holds that title.

“I think Harry is a bit more of a problem,” she said, “because you never quite know what he’s going to do next. He keeps them all on the back foot wondering where the bombs come from.”

[From Bloomberg & Newsweek]

Keep in mind that Prince Andrew is currently dodging another process server in another civil lawsuit all about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Keep in mind that last week, Andrew was all geared up to launch his comeback at Garter Day, where he would walk in the procession alongside Prince William and Charles. Andrew isn’t “ring-fenced.” He’s still manipulating his elderly mother. He keeps trying to slither his way back into public life. And I say: let him. Andrew is slimy, contemptible and monstrous and they still protect him more than they ever protected Harry.

All that being said, I know exactly why Brown says that Harry is a bigger problem for the monarchy. She’s saying that because it’s true. The Sussexes are the big show and they revealed the Firm’s racism, prejudice, incompetence, short-sightedness and laziness. They brought glamour, inclusion, warmth and heart to the table. Seeing how the Firm reacted to Harry and Meghan has been eye-opening for a lot of people, and it continues to be eye-opening. This isn’t over.

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