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bitchy | The York princesses are apparently beefing with Prince William & Kate?

Following the Jubbly, there was a lot of attention on the York princesses. Princess Eugenie and Beatrice were seen at lots of events during and after the Jubbly, especially Beatrice. Beatrice was doing so many public events, I kind of thought she was auditioning to be a working royal. Royal sources claimed the same thing, that perhaps Bea and Eugenie will be “promoted” at some point, even though their father is a human trafficking degenerate. It’s absolutely clear that Prince Charles and Prince William won’t “allow” Andrew to come back to public life, but again, the York princesses could conceivably become working royals. Except that one royal expert (lol) claims that there’s some highkey drama between the York princesses and William, Kate and Charles.

According to royal expert Neil Sean, via The Express, Beatrice and Eugenie have issues with William’s plans for the royal family, and apparently want their disgraced father Prince Andrew (who’s been stripped of his titles) to return to public life at some point.

“There is a big story breaking in the Royal Family that has remained under the radar largely, and it’s to do with Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, and William’s father Prince Charles,” Neil said. “According to very good sources, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice are seemingly struggling to remain cordial with Prince William, Catherine, and Charles. It stems from the deal organised by William, the Queen, and Prince Charles to remove their father Prince Andrew from royal duties following his disgrace in recent years.”

Apparently, “thawing” of tension between the Yorks and Cambridges has been “difficult,” and Neil notes that “Prince William and Charles are doing this for the benefit of the monarchy. They are reading the public mood, which is saying that Andrew should permanently retire from public life. But Andrew wants to make a return which he thinks could be achieved by his daughters carrying out charitable work.”

Prince Charles wants a slimmed-down monarchy when he’s King (as does Wills), and apparently this means Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice won’t get the more formal roles they desire.

“According to that good source, it appears that William, Catherine, and Charles are on the naughty step with the princesses… Moving forward, that could be very tricky indeed because they have retained very close relations with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.”

[From Yahoo]

Neil Sean has no fresh tea here, this is all just rearranged gossip from recent years, really. I find it more interesting to think that Beatrice actually was auditioning to be a working royal and Charles was perhaps considering it. Eugenie doesn’t care – Eugenie has one foot out of the royal system anyway, and she plans to spend more time in Portugal with her husband. I think Eugenie and Bea have actually made their peace with the fact that their father has been completely disgraced. It’s not about that.

As for the idea that the Yorks are mad at Charles, William and Kate… Bea and Eugenie have always had beef with Kate. Kate is the worst and she doesn’t play well with other women. William and Kate have two big “reasons” for wanting to keep Bea and Eugenie out of public life. Reason #1: Even though they’re lazy as hell, Will and Kate hate sharing the spotlight and they can’t stand when other royals (especially royal women) get attention. Reason #2: Eugenie and Beatrice have always been super-tight with Harry, especially Eugenie. Will and Kate can’t stand it when someone in the family is perceived as “taking Harry’s side.”

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