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bitchy | The Windsors will make empty-handed visits to hospitals & food banks in 2023


In King Charles’s first-ever Christmas speech, he spoke about the cost of living crisis in Britain and the need to support people in need. Those people in crisis are going to really enjoy Charles’s big, expensive, excessive coronation party in May, but what if British people actually want more from the Windsors? Well, Charles’s subjects will be gifted with a few appearances from 2023 wiglets, fresh buttons and egg targets in 2023. That’s right, the Windsors will be rolled out to “support” people in need, specifically through hospital visits and trips to care centers.

The King will dedicate 2023 to the people and key issues mentioned in his Christmas speech. His Majesty is set to make visits to hospitals and care centres to show support for hero NHS workers while members of the royal family will also support the most marginalised in society affected by the cost of living crisis.

The monarch and the six working members of The Firm, including the Queen Consort and Prince and Princess of Wales will unite to help projects supporting the vulnerable who are struggling to pay soaring bills and make ends meet.

A royal source said: “The King and the rest of the family want to reach the most marginalised in our communities and focus on helping the organisations most in need of support. After a turbulent year not only for the royals but for the country, it’s clear from the King’s Christmas speech that unity needs to be at the heart of everything they do.”

Earlier this month the King gave funds – including a “substantial personal donation” and a grant from The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund – to buy fridges and freezers for food banks. Up to 800 appliances will be distributed to local charities and food banks identified by London-based charity, The Felix Project. Felix Project boss Charlotte Hill said freezers will enable them to store more food which can be drawn out later on.

“The new fridges and freezers will enable us to store more food, which can be drawn on later down the line at times when donations dip, as well as reducing food waste,” she added.

While the Prince and Princess of Wales paid a visit to a baby bank on their first trip to Wales with their new titles in September.

[From The Daily Mirror]

I mean, if the Windsors have a plan to dedicate themselves to helping people in need, then I hope they actually succeed. The thing is, this is just window-dressing and vague keenery. You can’t point to a visit made by William and Kate more than three months ago and say “see, we really care!!” If they cared, they would have been making weekly visits to food banks, care centers, community centers and homeless shelters for months already. Not to mention the fact that except for Charles’s big donation (for which he desperately wants credit), none of the Windsors actually BRING anything when they visit, nor do they personally donate money. William and Kate have made several empty-handed visits to refugee centers and it’s appalling every single time. They’ve gone to visit refugee CHILDREN and they didn’t even plan ahead and bring toys or kids’ clothes or anything.

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