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bitchy | The Waleses’ Boston itinerary is pretty lightweight, six whole events in three days


Kensington Palace must have done an info dump on the British and American media this weekend, because it’s incredibly funny to see certain quotes from “unnamed sources” being repeated in multiple outlets. Like, Prince William thinks the Earthshot Prize is “his Super Bowl moment.” That was a quote given to Page Six. But it was also given to People Magazine. Which means it must have been in the KP press release. What a dreadful self-own from William. I can just picture him mid-tantrum, his face bright red, screaming “tell Americans that my big keen thing is like the Super Bowl!!!” How sad. Added bonus: Prince Harry was actually AT the Super Bowl earlier this year, lmao. Anyway, if you want to know more of the keen itinerary, here you go:

Prince William refers to the Earthshot Prize Awards — which will air on PBS on Sunday, December 4 — as his attempt to provide some urgent optimism about tackling environmental issues and climate change. He and Princess Kate are “excited to be able to bring that to the United States and inspire people stateside and around the world through the incredible stories we are going to tell,” the source says.

The source adds, “The prize has become the Prince’s Super Bowl moment of the year, and he looks forward to continuing to use the platform each year to shine a light on some of the most impactful projects doing amazing things around the world to save our planet’s future.”

While the Earthshot Prize on Friday evening is the ultimate reason for their visit, the couple also sees it as an opportunity to “fact-find” about some of the causes and interests close to their hearts. “Some of the things we are focused on right now is supporting some of the most hard-pressed communities up and down the U.K. and we will continue to do that in Boston,” adds the source.

Prince William and Kate’s trip will start with a welcome at Boston City Hall, where Mayor Michelle Wu and Ambassador Caroline Kennedy will help the couple start the countdown to the glitzy, star-studded Earthshot Prize ceremony at the MGM Music Hall on Friday evening.

On Thursday, Prince William and Kate, both 40, will see the work that organizations in Boston are doing to create a more sustainable world, and they’ll learn about some of the innovative technologies being utilized at Greentown Labs in Somerville. Later on Thursday, they will hear about the efforts of Roca, a non-profit organization that’s worked for 35 years to create a cohesive approach to save and help change the journey of the lives of high-risk young people.

Princess Kate will make a solo visit to the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University on Friday to learn some of the best practices that can be taken back to her own Royal Foundation and The Centre for Early Childhood as she builds her pioneering work in the area.

Meanwhile, Prince William will tour the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. President John F. Kennedy’s Moonshot — which challenged America to put a man on the moon — is the key inspiration behind the Earthshot Prize.

This is also Prince William and Kate’s first trip abroad as Prince and Princess of Wales, and with that comes inevitable parallels with William’s parents — most especially Princess Diana, who was so popular in the U.S.

“They realize the history and the warm affection people feel towards those roles, but they are keen to pave their own path and create their own history,” the source says. “The golden thread for them is the commitment to duty and service — being there in the communities and supporting the communities up and down the country and around the world where they can.”

[From People]

“The golden thread for them is the commitment to duty and service…” William can’t speak Welsh, he and Kate disappeared for three weeks for their kids’ school holiday, and Kate has nothing to show for her eleven years as a royal. Nothing but buttons, pie charts and horse-hair wigs. Even this trip is pretty lightweight – they’re doing one event on Wednesday, two events on Thursday, and then on Friday, they’re splitting up to do one separate event each during the day, then they’ll attend the Earthshot Award show and then what? Get on a plane that night? This is the big tour which is supposed to save the monarchy? LMAO.

Meanwhile, they did manage to book some interesting talent for Earthshot. Billie Eilish will perform, as will Annie Lennox, Chloe x Halle, and Ellie Goulding. Catherine O’Hara, Shailene Woodley, Rami Malek will hand out prizes (I guess William is too lazy to actually hand out the prizes?). William will make the “closing remarks,” and presumably announce where the next Earthshot Award ceremony will be held. What’s your guess? Dusseldorf? The Hague? Los Angeles? Toronto? Some place associated with the Sussexes, I’m sure.

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