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bitchy | The Sussexes & Waleses ‘truce’ will not hold unless there’s ‘a shift in attitudes’


I’ve seen some comments where people suggest that King Charles III and Prince William, the new Prince of Wales, are actually realizing that they need the charismatic Sussexes around, and that this tension with Harry and Meghan is bad for the family. I feel like those comments are wildly off the mark. The new king is happier with the Sussexes gone, permanently. He has made it clear that he wants Meghan and Harry to f–k off back to America. William, meanwhile, is only using the Sussexes’ proximity to make himself look good in the short-term and to try to control them and bully them like the old days. To assume that William and Charles understand how bad they look internationally is to assume that A) they’re smart enough to understand any of that and B) they care about anything other than their racist, nativist, parochial domestic audience. But to hear the royal commentators tell it, they believe that there will be no peace within the family because… of Harry’s memoir.

The ‘temporary truce’ between Prince William and Prince Harry may not survive after the Queen’s funeral ‘unless there was a major shift in ­attitudes’, it was claimed today.

The brothers put on a show of solidarity when they and their wives went together to meet crowds at Windsor Castle on Saturday. There are also rumours they could attend other events together this week and may even walk side by side behind the Queen’s coffin at her funeral next Monday.

But royal sources told the Mirror’s Russell Myers that this is a ‘temporary truce’, especially while Meghan continues with her Spotify podcast and Harry intends to publish his memoirs.

One insider said: ‘It was a single act of compassion due to extraordinary circumstances. Everyone is grieving and anything else right now pales into ­insignificance. Whether this could be a ­catalyst to anything more… well, I would find that exceedingly hard to believe unless there was a major shift in ­attitudes.’

The Sun reports an insider as saying: ‘We are certainly not in the same place as Philip’s funeral when William and Harry didn’t walk side by side. Things haven’t changed but it is not as intense and they can co-exist. But the flower visit really doesn’t change anything. It is the same situation as at Prince Philip’s funeral when William and Harry put their differences aside and supported each other and their families in that moment.’

A royal source told the Mirror: ‘We must remember that amid the intense grief of a nation there is, at its heart, a family in mourning. It is undeniable that there are certain ­factions within the family. However, it was the Prince of Wales’s firmly held belief that the passing of his grandmother should be a period of togetherness. That said, there remains a great sense of distrust in the air and for that to dissipate there needs to be some major reconciliation on the part of those making the most noise. Until that is forthcoming, then there may be little point taking things any further.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“Unless there was a major shift in attitudes…” I know Myers is referencing Harry and Meghan “shifting their attitudes” away from canceling a popular podcast and being in breach of contract for Harry’s memoir. But I also think Myers is sort of obliquely referencing the fact that there is no real change between the two couples, the new Waleses and the Sussexes. It is still as Omid Scobie said: William wants an apology (bizarre) and Harry wants accountability for how he was treated and how his wife was treated. And how they’re still being treated by this trash family. There’s no fundamental change. The point is that there is a temporary truce, they’ll pay respect to QEII and then Harry and Meghan are getting the hell out of that f–king catastrophe.

Also: why is Meghan’s cute podcast some huge line in the sand which could destroy the Windsors? Jeez. Meghan must be silenced, I guess that’s the point.

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