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bitchy | The Sussexes & Waleses had dinner together after the palace viewing on Tuesday


Whenever royal commentators start breathlessly discussing Prince William and Prince Harry’s “need” to reconcile, one of the stories I immediately remember is when Prince William ran to Robert Lacey and had Lacey update his Battle of Brothers book with “unnamed sources” calling the Duchess of Sussex a “complete narcissist and sociopath — basically unhinged” and that William considers Meghan and Harry alike in the sense that they’re “both damaged goods.” Seriously, go back and read that piece. Obviously, William and Kate both did a lot to smear, gaslight and attack Meghan over the course of the past six years. It’s not water under the bridge, for Meghan or Harry or their fans. So take this however you want – Tuesday evening, when the Windsors gathered at Buckingham Palace for a private viewing of QEII, the Sussexes and Waleses sat down and had dinner together.

Prince William and Prince Harry sat down for dinner together, along with other royal family members, after receiving Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin Tuesday evening. Page Six confirmed Wednesday that the estranged brothers attended the family meal inside Buckingham Palace in London. We’re told their respective wives, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, were also present for the intimate sit-down.

Prior to the dinner, the Sussexes joined the royal family in meeting the Queen’s coffin as it arrived at Buckingham Palace from Scotland, where the longest-reigning British monarch died at the age of 96 last week.

Markle, 41, and Harry, 37, looked somber as they pulled up to the palace gates in a black car, as thousands of people gathered outside to watch the motorcade where the Queen’s coffin was being transported in a hearse.

[From Page Six]

In many cultures, food and the symbolism of breaking bread are very important to the grieving process. I have no idea if that’s the case in British culture, although I think it was probably wise for King Charles III to order a dinner for the family after the viewing. I suspect that’s what it was too, not just the Sussexes and Waleses, I think it was probably like a buffet for all of the visiting family after the viewing. From what I’m getting from both brothers is that they’re making efforts to be civil with one another for the length of this mourning/funeral process. I said before, I think the best case scenario here is that the two couples aren’t in open warfare with each other. I’m definitely curious to see the after-the-funeral reporting though, because y’all know the new Prince of Wales leaks sh-t about his brother constantly.

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