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bitchy | The Sussexes’ ‘timing has completely misfired’ because they can’t predict the future

I tend to believe that Prince Harry’s memoir will come out in November or December, just as I believe that the Sussexes’ docu-series will come out by the end of the year as well. The British “sources” claiming all kinds of crazy sh-t about rewrites and broken contracts and new chapters are all delusional windbags. What’s funny is that I genuinely think Salt Island has cause for concern, but the things they’re worried about the wrong things. “Harry’s book will be a tell-all which will rip apart his father!” No, but his second book might be. “Harry and Meghan secretly recorded stuff in the UK for Netflix!” No, but I bet they’ll talk on camera about how f–king poorly they’ve been treated. It also hasn’t occurred to any of these people that Harry and Meghan are likely going to appear on magazine covers and television interviews to promote their projects too.

Here’s the question Salt Island should be asking: will Harry and Meghan go to the UK to promote anything? Because if they don’t, that means we’re in for months of pearl-clutching about whether the Sussexes are invited to the coronation. Meanwhile, Robert Jobson has some thoughts about something which has not been verified whatsoever, which is that Meghan and Harry were planning to spend 2023 “reconciling” with the Windsors.

Prince Harry and Meghan have secretly planned a year of reconciliation with the Royal Family but only after their controversial ­memoir and Netflix series have come out, The Sun can reveal. The couple targeted a charm offensive on the Queen next year but their ­carefully laid plans were scuppered when she died last month.

Sources told The Sun Harry and Meghan saw the book and docuseries as a way of attacking the royals one final time before trying to build bridges again. A source told The Sun: “Next year 2023 was to be their reconciliation year.”

A source said: “They have always been careful to not criticise the monarch. They have always tried to be respectful to the Queen. But the Queen has now died and Charles and Camilla are the King and Queen. Clearly, this reconciliation attempt would never work if they have been critical of the new monarch, or both.”

Royal author Robert Jobson said: “It shows they are a very calculating couple and yet again their timing has completely misfired. They got it completely wrong by doing Oprah Winfrey when Philip was in hospital just days from death. They got it wrong again with the ridiculous interview with American magazine The Cut weeks before the Queen died. Now this plot for a year of reconciliation. Their timing is appalling as always. It is also completely arrogant because they are assuming they can win back the trust of Harry’s father and brother. But that trust has gone forever. Harry and Meghan will never be looked at the same. Harry needs to remember he is now dealing with the Head of State — not just his dad. If they disrespect The King, they are not only disrespecting the man, but also the institution.”

[From The Sun]

The timing issue is always kind of funny because Sussex critics are truly bashing them for not predicting the future. When they sat down with Oprah, Philip wasn’t in the hospital. When Meghan was interviewed by The Cut, it was more than a month before QEII passed away. I’ve idly wondered if the Windsors are timing certain things in reaction to the Sussexes, not the other way around. Not just the Windsors’ obvious smear campaigns, but ramping up stories of poor health so that Harry and Meghan look rude for merely living their lives while so-and-so has a doctor’s appointment. I wonder what it will be in November/December? Who will get sick all of a sudden, right before Harry’s memoir is released? Camilla?

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