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bitchy | The Sussexes’ Netflix series could lead to violence against the Windsors…?

To be clear, I don’t want any physical or mortal harm to come to the Windsors. I want them to fail, I want them to embarrass themselves, and I want at least one egg to make contact with King Charles. I’ll also be clear about something else: the Duchess of Sussex has been in mortal danger from the violent racists in the UK for years now. We still don’t know the extent of the danger she and her children were in, but we know that the threats were rarely taken seriously, and we know that the institution has utterly disregarded the Sussexes’ need for security and safety this whole time. Over the past week, the Windsors have tried to convince everyone (and themselves) that Netflix’s Harry & Meghan series wasn’t noteworthy, important or damaging to the Windsors or their reputations. Now a new narrative: the Netflix series is so damaging, it represents a mortal threat to the monarchy.

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary is putting the Royal family at risk from extremists, the former head of royalty protection has warned. Security expert Dai Davies, a former divisional commander in the Metropolitan Police, who guarded Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal family, said the couple had raised a “credible threat” by attacking their relatives on race grounds.

“There’s a small minority that think Meghan walks on water,” he said. “I’ve always said there’s a greater risk from fixated individuals than there is from terrorists. Because their narrative has been attached to race to the extent it has – you could have those at the extreme end of the taking knee variety having a go at members of the Royal family. I really think it could create a small minority who might. I think it’s a credible threat and I think it should be taken very seriously, especially now the documentary has come out.”

Referring to the King twice being at the receiving end of egg throwing since he took the throne, the former senior policeman added: “Twice now Charles has had eggs thrown at him. I was surprised the first time at the slowness of the reaction. I think it’s a real possibility that they do face these sorts of incidents especially as the King and Queen Consort and the Prince and Princess of Wales are in such close contact with the public.”

His comments came as former US policeman George R Franks, associate professor at Stephen F Austin University in Texas raised concerns that “the destructive and damaging comments and allegations made by Harry and Meghan Markle are placing the life and safety of members of the Royal Family in jeopardy.”

He said: “I have been studying their increasingly tenacious attack on the character of the Royals and the institution of the monarchy for the past several months with a growing concern for the safety of the members of the “working royals”, but also for the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

“I have experience with cases where individuals have committed or attempted to commit violent crimes in support of the cause of another towards whom they have become enamoured and protective. All we need is one individual becoming obsessed with creating a situation that would place Harry as the heir apparent, and we could have a disastrous outcome.”

[From The Telegraph]

Again, I’m not dismissing the idea/reality that the Windsors have security issues. Of course they do, but I believe their biggest threats are “republicans,” the mentally unwell and “people who simply don’t like the monarchy in general,” not specifically Sussex fans. I also believe that protection should follow the threat, not the rank. That’s something Charles disagrees with, that’s something William disagrees with, that’s something the palace courtiers disagree with – to them, Harry and Meghan’s lives were and are expendable because they don’t have a high enough rank, and thus, their security should be less than the Drab Four’s security. Not to mention, the Windsors have been implicitly and explicitly goading the violent rhetoric against the Sussexes for years, but now they’re suddenly worried because their complicity has unleashed a larger lack of respect for the institution in the populace. The Drab Four made it clear that Harry, Meghan and their children are expendable, and now they’re shocked that some people might find the Windsors (in general) expendable.

Not for nothing, but the Windsors probably should have taken pains to look less gleeful when QEII died? The Windsors’ palpable joy at an old lady’s death kind of set the tone for a lot of this too, I’m just sayin’.

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