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bitchy | The Sussexes ate sheep’s milk ricotta, steak tartare & ravioli at Locanda Verde


I was so busy looking for photos and fashion IDs for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in New York on Monday, I forgot to think and write about food. Following Prince Harry’s United Nations speech, Harry and Meghan went to lunch with Gloria Steinem at the Crosby Bar, within the Crosby Hotel. There are no reports – that I’ve seen – about what they ate. The menu is good though – lots of salads, pork chops, chicken au vin pot pie (!!), French fries, flatbreads and a very decent dessert menu. Harry and Meghan then went out with another couple for dinner at Locanda Verde in Tribeca. Locanda Verde is an Italian joint, with star chef Andrew Carmellini, and it’s co-owned by Robert De Niro (who co-owns a lot of stuff in Tribeca). So what did Meghan and Harry eat at Locanda Verde? Thankfully, Page Six had the scoop:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle didn’t get the royal treatment when they dined at Italian restaurant Locanda Verde in Tribeca on Monday night.

“There was lots and lots of security all throughout the restaurant, but they weren’t in [a] private room,” a source exclusively told Page Six on Tuesday, adding that they were “seated in the middle of the busy restaurant.”

We’re told that other patrons dining at the NYC hotspot that evening were told by the Sussexes’ security team that they would be “asked to leave” if they tried to snap any photos of the royal pair. But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex didn’t seem to mind interacting with the other diners and Markle even approached a person celebrating their birthday at a nearby table.

“There was a random birthday celebration at the table next to theirs,” the source recalled. “Meghan went up to them with Harry and said, ‘I wish you the happiest birthday,’ to the table next to her. They were all dumbfounded and just said, ‘Thank you so much.’” Another spy in the bustling dining room confirmed to Page Six that Markle sweetly sent birthday wishes to the person celebrating and that the pair were in “great spirits.”

“They wined and dined with another couple that seemed to be close friends,” our second source said.

The eagle-eyed spy added that the couple ordered the Sardinian sheep’s milk ricotta, steak tartare, Piemontese, the ravioli, and a few other dishes as well as red wine for sipping.

We hear the former “Suits” star “looked good” with her hair pulled back as she and Harry enjoyed their meal with the group.

[From Page Six]

“Sardinian sheep’s milk ricotta, steak tartare, Piemontese, the ravioli…” I’m sorry but just the thought of “sheep’s milk ricotta” is enough to make me hurl. Steak tartare is also… not good. But I order red meat medium-well. It can be pink but not bloody. I don’t need my steak to f–king moo. (sidenote: whoever leaked this info about Meghan and Harry’s meal added an extra comma, the dish is actually called “steak tartare piemontese”). You can see the menu here – why order sheep’s milk anything when there’s a whole lobster, fire-roasted garlic chicken and prime NY strip steak on the menu?? Damn. Oh sh-t, on the dessert menu, there’s a milk chocolate almond tarte!! Meghan and Harry, please tell me you ordered that.

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