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bitchy | The Sun finally removed Jeremy Clarkson’s horrific column on Monday evening


To recap, last Friday, the Sun published a horrifying, violent and racist screed written by Jeremy Clarkson. The screed was aimed at the Duchess of Sussex, and Clarkson fantasized in his column about wanting Meghan to be stripped naked and marched through the streets as people fling feces at her. Meghan just exists and thrives and these disgusting old men feel the need to put their violent fantasies about her into print. Following the publication of that misogynistic fantasy in the Sun, Clarkson faced a wave of condemnation in all quarters except for royal quarters. Clarkson, you see, had just been to lunch with Queen Camilla when he wrote his column, and the palace’s silence on the matter spoke volumes about their complicity, if not Camilla’s explicit order to Clarkson. So, what’s new? Well, the Sun finally removed the column yesterday evening, replacing it with Clarkson’s tweet on the matter:

This is not an apology or an acknowledgement that writing and publishing violent, racist fantasies about a woman is unacceptable and vile. The Sun seems to be acting as if the removal of the article is the end of the story. It is not. There’s still outrage in the UK and abroad. More than 60 MPs have now written letters to the Sun’s editor – a woman named Victoria Newton – to demand a more formal apology to Meghan and for Clarkson to face serious consequences. Nicola Sturgeon – who was also name-checked in Clarkson’s column – also condemned Clarkson and the column.

So, what will actually be done? Probably next to nothing. Edward Faulks, the conservative minister who chairs Ipso (the Independent Press Standards Organisation), was scheduled to have dinner last night with Rupert Murdoch (owner of the Sun)… but Faulks canceled the dinner when the Guardian called him out. Ipso has received over 12,000 complaints about Clarkson’s column.

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