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bitchy | The more Prince Harry’s family tries to snub him, the more regal he looks


I truly don’t know how many times this family will go out of their way to snub Prince Harry only to have him coming out of it looking like a dignified king, but here we are. They never learn. You would have thought that last Wednesday’s procession would have taught them that putting a combat veteran in civilian mourning dress and surrounding him by a bunch of fake military men in their costumes would only make Harry look better. But they didn’t learn, and so once again, at Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral, Harry stood out. The cameras lingered on Harry’s tragic dignity as he paid his final respects to his beloved grandmother.

Also: because he was banned from wearing a uniform, he wasn’t allowed to salute his commander-in-chief’s coffin. These people will burn for what they’ve done to him.

I’m including more family photos from the funeral too – I’m surprised Sarah Ferguson got to attend, this really must be the final hurrah for the Yorks. All of the Queen’s grandchildren (save William, Peter and Harry) arrived at Westminster Abbey before QEII. The seating arrangement was pretty interesting for the family too. While I’ve seen Richard Eden smugly announcing that Harry and Meghan were placed “in the second row,” the Sussexes actually got a place of honor right behind King Charles III. Harry looks like the heir, not William. Also fascinating: Princess Anne got a place of honor in the first row, right beside Queen Camilla.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.


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