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bitchy | The Mail: Queen Elizabeth II is dead because the Sussexes stressed her out


The Windsors have soft-launched a line of attack on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex since September. That attack? “Harry and Meghan killed Queen Elizabeth II.” The Windsors and their British media scriptwriters haven’t come out and said that directly, but they’ve been heavily insinuating it for months. It’s pretty disgusting, because QEII was a 96 year old woman in extremely poor health, and her handlers were covering up her poor health for a year. While I don’t doubt that the stress and drama of the entire family weighed on QEII, don’t put that the feet of Harry and Meghan solely. Especially since QEII took pains to call the Sussexes “beloved family members” and she personally invited them to her Jubbly AND provided them with security and more. Especially since Harry and Meghan always made it clear: they were cool with QEII and Philip. They literally never criticized Harry’s grandparents, ever. Behold, the latest attack from Casa de Unhinged.

The stress caused by Harry and Meghan’s falling out with the Royal Family had a ‘detrimental effect’ on the health of the Queen in the final months of her life, well-placed sources have told The Mail on Sunday. The revelation comes days after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex renewed their attack on the Royals in the final three episodes of their Netflix series.

Now insiders have disclosed for the first time the true toll of the ‘Megxit’ family drama on the late monarch. In the lead-up to the couple’s move across the Atlantic and in the years since, the Royal Family has faced a stream of claims of Palace briefings against Meghan and Harry and even of racism.

A well-placed source was clear that Her Majesty’s health was already declining for reasons that had nothing to do with Megxit, but added: ‘It really affected the Queen’s health. It had a detrimental effect on her health. Yes she was elderly and there were other issues with that but nevertheless all the Harry and Meghan claims certainly contributed to that. I’m just so glad the Queen isn’t around to hear all about this latest programme. It is the very opposite to duty, unity and sacrifice – everything that she was brought up to believe in and which she embodied.’

The late Queen’s death certificate said that she died of ‘old age’. But those close to the monarch, who died on September 8 aged 96, believe that her frequent ‘mobility issues’ were impacted by the added stress of her grandson’s decision to break away from his family and criticise the institution to which she had dedicated her life.

[From The Daily Mail]

As I said, I don’t doubt that family dramas increased the stress on QEII in her final years. But those stresses were more than just her favorite grandson moving out of the country, for the love of God. There was also QEII’s whole-ass human trafficker son and his payoff to his rape victim. There was Charles caring solely about his Rottweiler to the exclusion of everyone and everything else. There was her rage-monster grandson and you KNOW QEII saw very well that William is temperamentally unsuited for the job. Literally everything we know for sure about QEII’s relationship with Harry and Meghan is that it was nothing but warm and happy. She was pleased that the Sussexes made the effort to come to her Jubbly. This is just the family weaponizing a dead woman in their completely bonkers “need” to attack the Sussexes 24-7.

Meanwhile, Charles sold the only thing QEII really cared about and loved – her horses. Remember, QEII was fond of saying: “après moi le déluge.”

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